Carrie Underwood Blowing into Portland, Oregon

Carrie Underwood Blowing into Portland, Oregon

Carrie Underwood made her way to the Rose Garden on her tour ‘Blown Away’ on Oct. 7. As people filled the seats, a feeling of excitement was in the air. Hunter Hayes, an up and coming country music artist, opened for Underwood at the concert with songs from his debut self-titled album. The was crowd eager to see both of the musicians.

The concert had many set changes and Underwood sang some of her most popular hit such as “Before he Cheats” “Jesus Take The Wheel” and “Temporary Home” she mixed these songs into many songs from her new album that she performed at the concert.

The tour is based on Underwood’s newest album “Blown Away,” Underwood wrote many of these songs herself, which she explained at the concert. Underwood talked about her home life and how inspiration came into each song. Underwood talked about her experiences and how she was “so blessed” to be able to compose the music and work with great people such as her producers and family. Underwood also explained that every person attending to her concert, $1 was donated to the Red Cross Foundation for America.

Underwood’s clothing consisted of bright and bedazzled dresses and her set changes were extravagant.

“Blown Away” really felt like one was being fluttered away like in the song “Two Black Cadillacs” it felt as though you were driving and it painted a picture of what was going on, as if she was telling a story.  The concert was set up so that when a song was played one could feel spine-chilling wind that came from the stage. Halfway through the concert Hayes appeared again and the duo came out appearing strong and excited.

Underwood’s finale was her hit song “Blown Away” which was what was most anticipated. Underwood’s concert was certainly unforgettable, so I would give it an ‘A’. Unlike other concerts this was a unique experience.