007 is resurrected for the James Bond franchise’s 50th anniversary

Driving fast cars, shooting bad guys and coming back from the dead. James Bond, 007 (Daniel Craig) pulls it all off again in the 23rd 007 movie, “Skyfall”. And what better time for the movie to arrive than the James Bond franchise’s 50 anniversary.  It has been 50 years since the first James Bond movie, the notorious “Dr. No”, went into  theaters in 1962, starring Sean Connery. In the most recent Bond movie“Skyfall” the MI6 agent and his boss M (Judi Dench) have the same  classic roles of deadly killers as any other Bond movies, and Bond faces off against his most challenging and surprising foe yet.

Thousand dollar suits, fast cars, witty remarks and beautiful women in all Bond movies, starting with Sean Connery in “Dr. No”. This Bond went back and adapted some of the Bond classics such as the original car used in “Dr. No.” the Aston Martin DB5.

In the latest James Bond movie “Skyfall”, Bond and his boss M are believed to be too old for their kind of work. It is evident throughout the movie that Bond has lost some steps. When Bond returns from death, he jumps back into the field. All it takes is a couple brushes with death and he is back-better than ever.

The film starts with 007 in pursuit of a hitman who has stolen valuable information from MI6.  M believes that while Bond is in pursuit, the target will escape. M has a fellow agent try to eliminate the threat. However instead of the intended target, the agent who was tasked with eliminating the target misses his shot and Bond takes a bullet to the chest.

While Bond is “dead”  there is talk of dismissing M from her duty as head of MI6 due to the fact that she let a highly trained assailant escape with valuable information that could bring the empire of Great Britain down to its knees. The information is used to do just that; MI6 is bombed and six agents are killed.

Bond is resurrected just for this occasion. He is forced go through agent training to earn his rightful place back out in the field.  Bond returns to the action and is thwarted by the super villain once again. So he gathers M and they recover what is left of MI6 and their resources making one last attempt to kill the man that bombed MI6, taking refuge in a secretive place.

The plot of the film was a little hard to understand such as why Bond was considered too old.  This was one key point that was not explained clearly in this movie.  Other than that Skyfall had an excellent plot written by John Logan. Logan had viewers scratching their heads in the beginning and by the end James Bond fanatics came away with a satisfying understanding as the beginning related to the end.

This movie was chock full of action and adventure. It took you from the streets of London to Shanghai to China and then all the way back to Scotland.  Guns, knifes, explosions, high speed chases on foot, by car or by motorcycle awaited around every corner. This movie was fast paced, and realistic, not to mention the impeccable cinematography.

I would give this film a solid A- It’s full of action adventure and has outstanding cinematography.  Nevertheless, the film did have a plot that was somewhat hard to follow, but it was a classic Bond film with beautiful women, fast cars, action and not to mention clever remarks.  This movie also whetted a taste for the original Bond movies by using props such as the car used in the original film, and the same gun favored by all James Bonds. The classics never die.