Laughing Planet Café offers a unique experience to Portland dining


If looking for a quirky, aesthetically pleasing, authentic Portland feel, then the Laughing Planet Cafe in Portland on Belmont Street is the place for you. When you first walk in, you are immediately greeted by friendly people and a variety of healthy choices. The menu not only offers a variety of choices for the meat lovers and vegetarians, but also for vegans, gluten free eaters, those allergic to nuts and the paleo-friendly. All meals are at a pleasing price for the wallet ranging from five dollars to ten.

The Laughing Planet takes pride in using locally-grown food and fresh ingredients. I personally ordered Spanky’s Bowl — organic mashed potatoes topped with steamed broccoli, local corn and Tillamook cheddar cheese. This costed $6.75.  My friend ordered a Bean and Cheese burrito with a fresh Berry Berry Good smoothie for around $10. We both agreed that what we had was delicious. The food was fresh, refreshing, and had a surprisingly light feel. When the food arrived it was a plethora of colors and wonderful flavors.

What also made the dining experience even better was the staff. They greeted us with smiles and warm welcomes. Because this was our first time eating at this cafe, the nice man at the checkout counter personally walked us through the menu answering any and all questions that we had and helped us to choose out delicious meals. The food was also served to us almost immediately.

The restaurant was not too packed at the time we dined, though this could be due to the fact that my friend and I had come at a relatively weird dining time. It was too early for dinner, but too late for lunch. Nonetheless, the restaurant still seemed relatively popular.

The decor is interesting too. Toy dinosaurs are strewn throughout the place, absentmindedly placed on random tables and shelves. There is also a giant abstract painting of Frank Zappa. I haven’t been to many Portland restaurants, but I am pretty sure you don’t see that everywhere you go.

Based on the great food, amicable staff and fun feel, I would definitely give the Laughing Cafe an A+ and go back there next time I am in the vicinity.