Google Glass to be released in 2014

Google Glass, the next big thing or the next big failure? Google is still developing the product and is only available to developers and early testers at this time. They have predicted that if it does well in its testing stage that Google Glass will be released to the public in 2014. Google Glass is meant to be a hands off device that can take videos or photos, send text messages, make phone calls, search Google, and even do Facetime. It does almost everything a phone can do but it is a hands-free device that projects images on the glass in front of the eye.

“People who stare at you while you’re wearing Google Glass think you’re a cyborg from some ‘Star Trek’ spinoff, scanning and doing impossibly invasive things that they aren’t privy to,” Scott Stein, senior editor, said, on CNET Editors’ Take column.

Sharing videos and pictures with Google Glass is limited to ones Gmail contacts and Google+ circles. Everything else can be shared with all contacts. Google Glass looks like glasses and comes in blue, white, brown, red and black. In my opinion, it’s a really pointless device to have. I think the regular phones we have are just fine without needing the hologram projecting glasses at $400-500 or more.