Pearl Bakery restaurant review


On the corner of NW 9th Avenue and NW Couch Street in Portland, a small bakery offers delectable goods at a fair price. Since 1997, Pearl Bakery has been sharing it’s creations with the rest of the Portland community by serving bread in many of Portland’s finest restaurants. A sweet aroma of freshly baked goods floats in the air as customers enter for a bite. The staff greeted me with smiles and hellos and joked around with one another, creating a homey setting.

The surroundings were cozy and had a cafe feel. The walls were lined with Italian artwork of bread and pastries. Although it was not a sit-down restaurant, it was perfect for a quick bite. I ordered an Apple, Walnut & Cheddar sandwich at the counter. The options for ordering sandwiches are half or whole, a half being $3.50 and a whole being $6. The presentation of the sandwich was enchanting. It included sliced Granny Smith apples, white cheddar, a homemade walnut spread, mesclun greens and balsamic vinaigrette, all sandwiched in a soft ciabatta roll. Out of the six sandwiches they had to offer, three were vegetarian and two were vegan. My sandwich of choice was the perfect balance of sweet and wholesome, and left me very satisfied.

I couldn’t resist the many deserts they had on display  after finishing off my main course, so I decided to try a Salted Caramel  Parisian Macaroon and a  Strawberry Summer Fruit Tart. The tart was covered in caramelized sugar, and had fresh strawberries and strawberry jam in its center. It was the perfect combination of sweet and fruity. The macaroon on the other hand was a little too salty for my taste, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Overall, eating at the Pearl Bakery was a homely experience, and opened me up to new experiences. I would rate this restaurant a B+ for its food selection and service, and  would recommend it to anyone who is willing to take a risk.