New fall shows entrance viewers into a great season

Every fall brings around a new slate of television shows and this year there are a lot of hits and misses. Some shows have stood out in the first few weeks, but some have already been cut.

“Sleepy Hollow” on Fox, has proven to be a breakout hit The show centers on Ichabod Crane being resurrected and brought back into the 21st Century. The Headless Horseman was also revived and is creating trouble in the town of Sleepy Hollow.  Ithas already been picked up for a full season. “Sleepy Hollow” airs Mondays on Fox.

From the hit movie “Pitch Perfect”, Rebel Wilson stars in a new ABC comedy “Super Fun Night.” Wilson stars as Kimmie, a junior attorney trying to make in in the law world. Kimmie and her best friends Marika and Helen-Alice make every Friday night a super fun indoor night. The show has received good feedback from viewers making it one of the top comedies to watch this fall. “Super Fun Night” airs Wednesdays on ABC.

The “Blacklist” on NBC, an intense crime drama, stars James Spader as one of the FBI’s most wanted criminals, Raymond “Red” Remington. He turns himself in on one condition that he speaks only with new agent Elizabeth Keene, a brand new FBI profiler. The show centers on Red and Keene searching for some of the most wanted criminals around the world. “The Blacklist” airs Mondays on NBC.

Fall has been exciting so far in T.V. with many new shows to make us laugh and some that make us sit on the edge of our seat. There is a lot to look forward to throughout the rest of the T.V. season.