Disney’s “Frozen” brings joy to all ages

Newest Disney movie tops the box office week after week


Throughout the history of Disney movies there have been true winners, heartwarming stories for all ages, with lasting catchy songs. “Frozen,” released in 2013 is the most popular Disney movie, profiting 67.4 million on its opening weekend. It  has also made more money than 2010s “Tangled” which earned 48.8 million on its opening weekend.

Over the last several years, Disney has taken to making movies princesses featured as main characters such as Tiana in “The Princess and the Frog” and Rapunzel in “Tangled.” Targeting the female audience has been a good decision for Disney because it’s not just little girls that like these movies anymore, it’s teen girls and adult women.

The movie “Frozen” takes place in a kingdom run by a misunderstood ice queen, Elsa, voiced by Idina Menzel. Accidently, she puts the kingdom in an eternal winter. The only one who can help the town is Elsa’s younger sister, Anna, voiced by Kristen Bell. So of course she goes on an adventure to save the kingdom.Through her journey she makes friends with a snowman, Olaf, voiced by Josh Gad, who was in the hit Broadway show “Book of Mormon.” Anna also encounters a prince she falls in love with named Hans, voiced by Santino Fontana. Her other cute love interest is Kristoff, an ice deliverer with a pet reindeer, voiced by Jonathan Groff. Fontana has been in Broadway plays like “Billy Elliot” and “Cinderella” and has received a Tony nomination. His co star Groff has also been on Broadway in the musical “Spring Awakening” as well as a 12 episode stint on Fox’s hit show “Glee”.

“Frozen” has an original story and also features what audiences adore: humor, true love and song. I give it an A for it’s wonderful characters and music. Although Disney doesn’t have any animated princess movies in the near future, check out “Maleficent” and “Million Dollar Arm” both coming out in May. First you must take some time to watch the wonderful magic that is “Frozen” before it leaves theaters.