There will be blood

Two WLHS seniors are featured in Stumptown Stages’ “Carrie the Musical”

Stumptown Stages’ “Carrie the Musical” based from the classic novel and film, stars two seniors from WLHS. The performances begin on Oct. 22 at the Brunish Theatre in downtown Portland.

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Stumptown Stages’ “Carrie the Musical” based from the classic novel and film, stars two seniors from WLHS. The performances begin on Oct. 22 at the Brunish Theatre in downtown Portland.

Props being maliciously thrown across the stage, fake blood dumped over all the actors, and violent crying are just some of the things you can expect from this musical and what more could you want?

Besides the violence within the musical adaptation of the classic film and novel “Carrie,” the show unearths deep themes of bullying and it’s implications.

The famous story was written as a musical in the 1980’s, it was a broadway flop with silly songs and unnecessary comedy.

“The recent rewrites made it a much more serious, more dark version of the play,” Amber Mitchell, senior and theater veteran, said.

While the new script and songs have been generating buzz, Mitchell hopes to uphold the potential of the show with her character Sue Snell.

“Snell is the only one who survives so she’s kind of the narrator,” Mitchell said. “She’s the only nice character. Her songs are very straightforward and poppy, like Taylor Swift being in a musical except with a better range.”

Mitchell was lucky as well as talented enough to be precast in “Carrie.” The director of the Portland production, Kirk Mouser, whom she met when she acted in “The Secret Garden” as a second grader, emailed her asking if she’d like to be a part of the show.

“I wrote like five paragraphs on why I could play carrie and then he told me that she had already been cast so I went back and wrote five more paragraphs about how I wanted to be Sue,” Mitchell said.  “It’s always humbling when somebody trusts you in your abilities, but it’s also exciting and terrifying to be trusted with a role like that.”

Her biggest challenge on the stage is to execute the differing emotion coming from Snell. The extremity of the situations cause Mitchell to take a step back and evaluate how a person would behave.

“It’s hard to be a three dimensional person who feels everything as it happens,” Mitchell said. “Being the narrator, I’m seeing all this death and then I have to pretend I’m getting ready for prom.”

Another WLHS senior diving head first into the professional theater scene is Kyle Fulton. He looks forward to up and downs of his first big show.

“It is challenging but it’s also good to have something to work on,” Fulton said. “When you’re in smaller shows or children’s theater it’s a lower caliber. It’s refreshing to be in this new environment.”

While he doesn’t have the biggest role in the show, Fulton is grateful for what “Carrie” has brought him.

“Working in the local theater scene gives you connections to other shows and directors,” Fulton said. “I just hope to learn as much about the professional world as I can.”

After he finishes high school, Fulton plans to live in New York for a few months to see what it’s like to live in a large city with a thriving theater scene.

“I want to get a feel for New York but someday I’d like to live in Chicago or maybe even LA.”

In the days leading up to Halloween, Fulton and Mitchell will put their acting and singing chops to the test with the anticipated musical.

“I’m not sure how much I can tell you but I can promise you there will be fake blood,” Mitchell said. If you go to the show for one reason, go for the blood.”

Performances start on Oct. 22 through Nov. 8 at the Brunish Theatre, Portland’s Centers for the Arts. Follow this link to buy tickets from Stumptown Stages official website: