Twenty One Pilots tour 2k15

A performance to remember


Tyler Joseph, from Twenty One Pilots, sings their album “Blurryface” at the Paramount Theater in Seattle, Washington. Fans grabbed their phones to quickly record the moment.

Small-town band, Twenty One Pilots, has gone from birthday parties and restaurant gigs to world tours in a matter of a few years. The two best friends, Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun, have come a long way from their hometown in Columbus, Ohio.

Attending their “Blurryface” tour at the Paramount Theater in Seattle exceeded my expectations, as Joseph and Dun were front and center interacting with us all and making sure the crowd was involved. The atmosphere; theater, performance, and especially the fans around me enhanced the concert experience.

The lineup included Finish TIcket, Echosmith, and the Twenty One Pilots. Finish Ticket, an aspiring San Francisco band, opened for Echosmith. The lead, Brendan Hoye, was very interactive and personal with the adoring audience. The actual music itself was very enticing. For an independent band, they had more of a popular sound,  but still held their own with their originality.

After Finish Ticket’s gig, Echosmith came out and opened before TOP. Echosmith performed exceptionally, but didn’t have the same kind of connection Hoye had with the crowd. The relationship between Echosmith and Twenty One Pilots was slightly unclear because of the two incredibly different sounds and audiences, but lead singer, Sydney Sierota, had plenty of energy to help pump up the crowd for the main band.

The crowd full of adoring teenagers went absolutely crazy as the first few notes of “Heavydirtysoul”, a popular song from their new album, “Blurryface”, came on. The band’s unique sound that came just from the two of them, made it even more alluring.

Lights and effects illuminated the theater almost immediately, and left us all singing along at the top of our lungs. With just Dun on drums and Joseph with ukulele, guitar, piano, and vocals, it was surprising to see just the two of them; considering their energetic sound that could easily be mistaken for a whole band.

As song after song was played, nonstop for over two hours, Joseph and Dun kept their energy up the whole time, and so did the crowd. There were a few times when either of the two boys would let their fans carry them into the middle of the crowd while continuing to sing or play drums.

Every concert experience should be special and memorable. It was apparent that all three bands worked hard to make their tour the best it could be.

Overall appreciation between the bands and the audience singled this concert out from all other ones I’ve been to. Most of the time, the bands just come out, sing, and get the heck out of there, but not with these bands. It made for an awe-inspiring night that will be remembered for years to come.