10 indie records for the high school senior in your life

“Yes I’m Changing” by “Tame Impala”


Highlighted Lyric: “There is another future waiting there for you. I saw it different, I must admit.”

“Tame Impala’s” album “Currents” is an obvious choice for a beach party, but there’s also plenty of synthy wisdom strewn throughout. The psychedelic rockers plant a carefree vibe through the whole album, and with “Yes I’m Changing” they show there’s no apology accompanied with growing up.  


“Let It Grow” by “Maximum Balloon” featuring Karen O. and Tunde Adebimpe


Highlighted Lyric: “From a tree a forest grows, it could turn into anything, it’s okay to let it grow, let it grow into anything.”

The bumping beat mixed with Karen O’s soothing vocals takes this spring single to a whole new ephemeral level; and if ephemeral isn’t a pleasant way to describe senior year I don’t know what is.  


“She’s Leaving Home” covered by “The Flaming Lips”


Highlighted Lyric: “Friday morning at nine o’clock she is far away, waiting to keep the appointment she made.”

While this Beatles original is more about a girl drastically running away from home than leaving for college, most parents emotions can’t differentiate the two. This electronic remix is more out there than other Beatles covers, but it’s fresh and chaotic feel reminds you why you loved “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club” surrealism in the first place.


“TV” by Colleen Green


Highlighted Lyric: “It keeps me company when nobody else is around and I’m all by myself.”

While Colleen Green’s lyrics could hit home with a lot of people, the grungy-pop record oozes teen angst; reminding this generation that next fall they shouldn’t sit in their dorm all day watching Netflix.  


“The Shade” by “Metric”


Highlighted lyric: “We got the sunshine, we got the shade, I want it all.”  

Like other songs on this list, Metric’s “The Shade” is synth-pop at it’s finest. With encouraging lyrics and a euphoric chorus, the record exudes summer hype; reminding seniors to soak up their youth.  


“Tilted” by “Christine and The Queens”


Highlighted Lyric: “I’m actually good, can’t help it if we’re tilted.”

This pensive pop record sells the idea that it’s cool to be weird. Plus, half of it’s sung in French so teens can say they’re bilingual on their next fro-yo application.


“Can’t You See” be Skylar Spence


Highlighted Lyric: “I was crying over nothing, made a few good friends and lost a couple dozen.”

With preppy tones and even more prideful lyrics, Skylar Spence reminds listeners that while  youth is the time to experiment, they shouldn’t spend all of it thinking the world revolves around them and their Soundcloud raps.


“California” by “Delta Spirit”

Delta Spirit Album Art

Highlighted Lyric: “I want you to move to California for yourself, but not for me.”

Don’t be fooled by it’s mellow coastal vibe, “California” is a rough break-up song; suggesting that experiencing adult life without their high school sweetheart is probably for the best.


“It All Feels Right” by “Washed Out”


Highlighted Lyric: “Call your friends, I’ll call mine, we’ll head out for a long ride.”

This calm but exuberant record is another must on your summer playlist. It’s simplistic beats and happy message is best described as the burst of joyous peace that hits you when you least expect it.


“Ivy League Circus” by Gordon Voidwell


Highlighted Lyric: “I grew up poor, in the gutter. But what is your excuse? Now we dine at the same tables playing name games who we’d screw.”

The most upbeat song on this list is also the most relevant. Gordon Voidwell proves that leaving all the trivial high school stuff behind is essential to dealing with college’s own baggage.