Netflix original series “Love,” is the rom-com you didn’t know you needed


Photo Via: Suzanne Hanover/Netflix

Starring “Community’s” Gillian Jacobs and co-writer for the series Paul Rust, “Love” is one of the most refreshing series streaming on Netflix. Thanks to the clever writing and honest acting, most of the situations are free of frills and corny dialogue.

From their sad and graphic introductions, you know that Mickey and Gus’s road to romance will be a rocky one. Like many of Judd Apatow’s film characters, the immature, mid-30s couple go through plenty of ups and downs in the 10-episode stint.

While drama on TV can be overdone and painfully stale, “Love” is a modern story that is less romantic and more dysfunctional. The lack of corny courtship makes its seemingly recycled setting so refreshing. “Love” captures the messy and sometimes mundane truth behind relationships with such ease that it can’t help but ooze relatability.

One of the most contemporary touches in the series is the importance of social media and texting in a relationship. There are several instances where Mickey and Gus over analyze texts and obsessively stalk each others profiles, showing how dating is so much more than meeting for coffee.

Besides the technological references, there are plenty of quirky mishaps that give “Love” its trendy staple. From their zany meet-cute at a gas station, to their unpredictable date at a magic castle show, Mickey and Gus’s budding relationship is best represented as a roller coaster ride that will make you laugh, throw up, and then laugh again.

Creator’s Lesley Arfin, Paul Rust and Apatow, the masterminds behind Mickey and Gus’s imperfect relationship, sell Gillian Jacobs and Rust’s contrasting on-screen chemistry. With Mickey’s edgy, cigarette smoking aesthetic and Gus’s awkward, immature nature, the couple could easily fall into a lame romantic comedy mold. Thankfully, Jacobs’ grit and Rust’s erratic personality on screen feels like next level character acting. They aid the authentically progressed relationship all the way to the satisfying ending that still leaves room for more seasons.

Out of the many successful Netflix series, “Love” is not one to miss. With its clever writing, honest humor and strong acting, you can breathe a breath of fresh air and forget all the time you spent watching bad prime time comedies.