The last hero

20th Century Fox wraps up the “X-Men” series on a high note with “Logan”


Ranked the number one movie in America, “Logan” is dominating box offices everywhere.

For almost two decades “X-Men” movies have been making their way onto the big screen, fulfilling expectations that come with a generic superhero movie. With their final film “Logan,” however, 20th Century Fox has broken free of the superhero movie stereotypes.

“It was a lot less like an actual superhero movie,” Lauren Griffith, junior, said.

There are multiple reasons for this, one being that there was no outstanding villain the world needs to be saved from. Although the few remaining mutants outrun some government officials, the conflict is within the main characters themselves. Professor X, played by Patrick Stewart, and Logan, played by Hugh Jackman, have aged considerably since the last time they were seen in an “X-Men” film. They are both suffering, giving them a human quality not seen in the previous films.

The characters’ interactions throughout the film are relatable in a sad way. For anybody who has had an older relative who is sick, Logan’s actions are understandable, as is his frustration. When a young mutant named Laura shows up, who is very similar to Logan, he has to come to terms with his current situation and how he is going to move forward.

“It seemed more realistic with both the language and the action scenes,” Olivia Olmsted, junior, said.

Since this is the first film in the franchise that is rated R, it shows more blood than previous films, and the special effects team didn’t hold back. There were a few points throughout the film where it seemed like the violence was almost too much, but at the same time, it was a smart choice to include real violence.

A lot of superhero movies are based on idyllic lives that we can live through the characters on screen. “Logan” offers a new view, perhaps a more realistic one, into the lives of heroes. Not everyone has a perfect life and that is why this movie comes across as relatable to many people around the world.

“Some of the other movies are cheesy, but this one wasn’t,” Griffith said.

Although this movie has a strong impact on emotions, it was the perfect way to say goodbye to the “X-Men” franchise. Both Stewart and Jackman have laid to rest any future plans of appearing as Professor X or Logan, but rumors have started up that Jackman will be involved if another Wolverine is to be casted.

“I hope they stop, but I don’t know if they will,” Griffith said.

As a lover of superhero movies in almost any form, I think that 20th Century Fox has earned their place as owners of the “X-Men” in the cinematic world. I wasn’t sure what to expect from “Logan” since it is the first truly dark superhero movie, but I am really impressed with how well the darkness was balanced out with the younger actors in the film. If there are more “X-Men” films to come, I think they should hold off a bit longer and let audiences continue to admire “Logan” for as long as they can.