Fate of the Furious is a Furious Flop

A lack of plot and content makes the final furious movie a big let down


Fate of the Furious was a box office breaker that reeled in millions from their first week of showings. For what many think will be the last installment of the franchise though, the movie was a bit of a bust.

If you like movies with little to no plot, explosions, a confusing timeline, fast cars, and some corny phrases that a seven year old would think are “badass,” then this movie is for you. If you’re someone that actually enjoys quality movies and not exhausting a series that should have stopped maybe three or four films ago, then you probably won’t like the final installment of the Fast and Furious franchise.

The movie starts how you would expect just about any other Fast and Furious movie to start. Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez are on a honeymoon in Cuba and all is normal. Then, after a race where Vin Diesel seemed to defy every basic law of physics and win in a car completely engulfed in flames. After he won, he let the other racer keep the car that he was about to lose and then gave his nephew the car that Vin already owned. Then came a touching moment where everyone in the crowd cheered and Vin Diesel (Dom) and Michelle Rodriguez (Letty) seemed to forget the fact that the man who he just beat in the race tried to kill them not even five minutes ago. They hugged, the camera cut away, scene over. But that’s when things started going downhill.

Fast forward to the next day, Vin Diesel is walking and stops to help what seems to be a tourist standing next to a broken down car and in need of help because, well Dom is a car guy. This really turns out to be Cipher (played by Charlize Theron) an evil agent who wants to use Dom for her own needs and turn him against his friends. She hands him something on a phone and we as viewers never see it, but whatever it is was persuasive enough to turn him because when they all got back to do one last mission as a team, he turned against them.

Throughout the rest of the movie, there was a confusing series of events that included all of the team chasing Dom through the streets of New York after he took control of a vast majority of the cars in the whole city. After an interesting moment where Dom’s car really should have been ripped apart, the team left to regroup, empty handed and without Dom coming back with them.

Not long after, the team discovers that the nuclear launch codes are in a frozen base. They all suited up their cars and drove off to grab the codes. When they arrived, of course they were met with heavy resistance. But because they had the best gear and highest quality cars, bullets couldn’t pierce the outside layer and they made it through to the submarine inside of the base. But of course right as they get in, the sub takes off under the ice and the team chases in their cars above.

After an eventful “death race” that included a lot of missiles and explosions from other cars, Dom is posted up on a cliff not far from the main action. The person next to him pulls out a sniper rifle to shoot Letty and for some reason, that’s the moment that Dom decides to flip sides. He kills the person who shot the sniper, stole the car, and drove down a large cliff and saved the whole team from their seemingly inevitable death all while (once again) defying every single basic law of physics on the way to doing it.

Once he pulled up and saved the day, the whole team had a great reunion and everyone seemed to forget that not even a scene before, he was trying to kill them. Dom and Letty especially had a warm welcome back, with the exception of a few words they picked up right where they left off almost like they were never apart at all.

The final scene of this movie though, in all seriousness, was a very touching moment. The child, who is Dom’s son and is the one that Dom spent almost the entire movie trying to save, didn’t have a name. The final moment of the movie was Dom holding up his son to the rest of the team and announcing that his name would be Brian. Brian was the stage name for former fellow Fast and Furious actor Paul Walker who unfortunately passed away in a car accident during a short break during the filming of the seventh instalment of the Fast and Furious franchise.

Overall, this movie seemed to be a bit of a flop to me. It felt like a desperate grab for a big finale to a series that went maybe two or three movies too long. Sure, there are people who probably love every aspect of this movie but I just am not one of them. If you love action, explosions, fast cars, and guns, then this is the movie for you. But if you like movies with actual plot and content, then I would recommend seeing a different one next time you go to the theaters.