Ridiculously racist

Adam Sandler carries on with his streak of failures with his Netflix original movie



The newest bad installment to Adam Sandler’s line of poorly received films, “The Ridiculous 6” (2016) features racist, offensive and an all around poorly thought out story. The brothers from left to right: Lil Pete (Taylor Lautner), Danny (Luke Wilson), Ramon (Rob Schneider), Herm (Jorge Garcia) and Chico (Terry Crews).

The first ten minutes of a movie matter, setting up expectations for the rest of the viewing experience. Some end up surprisingly good despite a disappointing beginning, some live up to their first impressions, and some get worse as the minutes pass. “The Ridiculous 6”(2016) is in that last category.

Within five minutes, Adam Sandler’s newest movie set the bar very low, along with quickly introducing the racist and stereotypical tone that would only get worse. In those five minutes, there were prominent signs a town’s distaste for Native Americans, insulted one personally and featured a mystical-warrior Adam Sandler saving the former from some cowboys.  

The entire premise of the movie centers on Adam Sandler’s character, White Knife (born Tommy Stockburn), as he searches for a fortune left by his ex-criminal father, who suddenly showed up after being gone for around 20 years. Of course, after the fortune is gone, he must become a robber to steal all the money back. Along his way on his poorly-thought-out mission, he runs into all five of his surprise brothers, each strongly embodying a racial stereotype, and each possessing some sort of ability that of course pays off by the end of the movie, such as Lil Pete (Taylor Lautner), the embodiment of a western redneck, who has an extremely strong neck that saves him from hanging.

With a weak and incredibly offensive storyline, “Ridiculous” lacks anything that’s actually good or that makes it a worthwhile watch. While trying to be satire on the old west, the movie is full of poorly thought out jokes, a crutch on stereotypes and flat characters that do nothing more than personify racial cliches.

Outside of the actual movie, “Ridiculous 6” also managed to further Adam Sandler’s streak of bad movies that has followed him since the early 2000s, being the second film to receive a 0% (the first being “Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star”(2011)) and one of the many that received less than 20%.

That 0% is also strongly deserved. There is absolutely nothing good about this movie, and the only thing that could be remotely considered enjoyable in it is the plot twist that occurs within the last 20 minutes of the movie.

In short, this movie is ridiculously horrible, offensive, and unfunny. No one should ever watch this film. While other films can be charming in their horribleness, “Ridiculous 6” oversteps the line that strips a film of any redemption, making it bad enough that it couldn’t even be watched as a joke.