Hidden Figures is a fantastic movie, with lots of hidden qualities.

Hidden Figures is a fantastic movie, with lots of hidden qualities.

“Hidden Figures” is a dramatic yet realistic movie where colored people have to deal with segregation and persevere to gain respect. The movie did a great job of making me feel sympathy for the colored people of the story, and how they were treated by everyone else. As the colored women continue through the story they gain more and more respect for their abilities and accomplishments.

The story stars Taraji P. Henson as Katherine Johnson, a mathematician, and “her girls” Octavia Spencer plays the role Dorothy Vaughan, and Janelle Monae plays the role of Mary Jackson, working in the NASA space program during the space race of 1961. The three colored women encounter many problems trying to complete their work, when no other white person would treat them when an ounce of respect for their knowledge. Fighting through the segregation problems the three women persevere and gain the respect they deserve.

The main star, Taraji  P. Henson, did a fantastic job playing the role of Katherine Johnson, expressing the stress and confidence of a colored women in NASA. Although the movie didn’t contain many different characters that made an appearance, they all did a great job. They were all able to express the drastic emotions one would feel when they accomplish something amazing. For example, when Mary Jackson wins a court case, with a white judge, she expresses the excitement with extremely realistic reactions.

Throughout the entire movie, it created different emotions and sympathy for different people. One scene that really struck me as how drastic the measures were for colored women is when Katherine Johnson is confronted by her boss. She’s confronted about not being in the office for hours a day, and she explains very frustrated that she has no bathroom for her kind within half a mile. She explains how she’s the only one to use the coffee, she’s treated like a rat around the office. She storms out and everyone is shocked, while the boss walks over and makes the coffee for both colors.

From this dramatic movie of racial differences, I learned how awful some of the colored people were treated. Even by their co-workers they were bullied for their skin tone. It only takes one person to stand up and stop the bully or unnecessary regulations to fix the problems. I think if anyone else watched this they would learn to not judge people for what they looks like, much less the tone of their skin.  

I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes drama and history of what the segregational law problems were like. Anyone who is an action nut, or romance nut, would not like this movie because there is very little romantic relationships and no physical action. This is a PG film, and I think this a very good movie. I give this movie 9/10 stars, and would watch it again.