Dunkirk Movie Review

The lack of dialogue doesn’t take away from the emotions and actions seen throughout the movie “Dunkirk.” Christopher Nolan does a great job of capturing the cinematography in the movie and making it feel as though you are on the beach with the soldiers. Themes seen throughout this film include time and survival. Lessons that can be learned from this film include perseverance and bravery.

“Dunkirk” takes place in France on the beaches of Dunkirk in May of 1940. This is during World War Two when French, British, Dutch, and Belgian soldiers need to be evacuated due to the Germans surrounding the 400,000 soldiers on the beach. Due to lack of resources, every naval and civilian vessel is being called to Dunkirk for help. There are three points of view in “Dunkirk” with many characters in each, the first is the soldiers on the beach which includes Harry Styles who plays Alex. The second point of view that is shown is that of the Spitfire pilots which includes Tom Hardy who plays Farrier. The third and final point of view is from one of the civilian ships which includes Barry Keoghan who plays George.

Fionn Whitehead plays Tommy who is one  of the main characters in the film and was able to show Tommy’s bravery and how scared he was throughout the film.

The cast of “Dunkirk” did a great job of capturing the fear and instinct to survive in all of the soldiers in the film. Christopher Nolan and the rest of the crew also did a great job of showing the vast landscape and all of the violence in the film. “Dunkirk” in general is mostly historically accurate and if it wasn’t, Nolan did it for a reason.

The camera angles and lighting allows for  viewers to have a better understanding of what happened on the beach in France.

People that like action, thriller, and historical movies should watch the movie “Dunkirk.” I would recommend this movie to people over the age of thirteen due to the MPAA rating of PG-13. The final word on this film is that it was a good movie that showed a lot of emotion in a way I have not really seen before and I would give “Dunkirk”  five stars.

Mackenzie Banner is freshman and plays soccer competitively. Mackenzie watches the Oscars every year and because she wanted to see why “Dunkirk” was nominated she watched the film.