Welcome to the New Jumanji

Jumanji is taking on a new format with new take on the classic


Photo courtesy of Jumanjimovie.com. The poster showcases the star-power in the new cast, including Jack Black, Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart.

“Jumanji” hit the screens for the second time, the first being 1995 as “Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle”. This newer version of the movie portrays a group of people being inserted into a game reality, but this time it’s a video game instead of a board game. After a group of outcast kids are brought together, they are sucked into this ‘video game’ and are forced to survive in other people’s bodies.

In the game, the main characters turn to different people. Dwayne Johnson as Spencer, Kevin Hart as Fridge, Jack Black as Bethany and Karen Gillan as Martha. These actors all did a phenomenal job acting as people not only younger than them, but also as the different sex in some cases. They did a great job of acting like they weren’t in their own skin.

In the real world, the group of four kids consist of Alex Wolff playing the role of Spencer, Ser’Darius playing the role of Blaine, Madison Iseman playing the role of Bethany and Morgan Turner playing the role of Martha. Special guests include Rhys Darbe playing the role of Nigel, Nick Jonas playing the role of Alex and Bobby Cannavale as Van Pelt.  

The movie included the aspect of limited lives per character, and they used this to create the stressful and suspenseful environment throughout the movie. All throughout the movie, the setting took place in a jungle where wild animals roamed around, and the animations to create the animals are tremendous.

I think from this movie, an important message should be taken. In the real world we only have one life, but that shouldn’t stop of from being brave and doing what we think and know is right. Also, not to disregard your true friends. The movie shows those who are your true friends are ones you can trust, because the characters here are in a life or death situation and must rely on each other to escape from the virtual reality.

This is a good movie for any sort of person, with family or with a friend. It’s got it all; romance, comedy, action, and even some cheesy skills. There is no real gore of any kind, it’s a PG-13, kid friendly movie with comedy for all.

I give this movie a 5/5.