Post Malone music Review

Post Malone dropped his new album “Beer Bongs and Bentleys” on April 27, 2018 and it’s a good time to take a look at just how great some of those songs are. Over a month since it’s release his song Better Now held the number one spot on Spotify’s Global Top 50 playlist.

“Better Now” is a song about reminiscing on better days, specifically a past relationship. Malone combines a strong beat with short but meaningful lyrics to create a powerful song. Besides the fact that his lyrics carry his emotions well, you can also forget the lyrics. Following the rhythm and beat of the song is just as good. The song is bound to make you want to sing along.

“Psycho” is also on the Top 50 list sitting at number 15. This song features Ty Dolla $ign and references his success in life and how money it has brought to him. This song, compared to the previously mentioned one, is a bit more mellow. The bass doesn’t hit as hard and the beat is slower. Even so, psycho proves to also be a great song. While it could be seen as Malone flaunting his cash, it is really just a song celebrating how far he has come. The song is fun and the flow is smooth.  

Malone has once again proven his ability to write meaningful but also enjoyable songs. He has secured multiple spots on the Top 50 list with just this one album and he’s sure to do it again on his next. If you’re into rap at all, you have to check out “Beer Bongs and Bentleys”.