Ranking the Umbrella Academy episodes

From the introduction to this family to the apocalypse, each episode is a package of it’s own.


Image courtesy of Netflix.

As of late, Netflix has been releasing more original titles, and each one is better than the last. “The Umbrella Academy,” their most recent release, is attracting popularity from everyone.

Released on Feb. 19, this TV series is based off the comics by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba. These comics follow a dysfunctional family of superheroes as they try to stop the apocalypse (and figure out all their drama). Packed with jokes, mystery, and tears, The Umbrella Academy has many beautiful episodes but some better than the rest.

  1. Man on the Moon

This episode is okay but merely works to bring in smaller details to the plot. You do find out why Luther is all hairy, and why he’s on the moon. The biggest moment of the episode is Klaus escaping Hazel and Cha Cha and disappearing, leaving us to wonder what happened to our favorite necromancer. 

  1. Run Boy Run

While this episode shows the trauma Five went through, it is only the beginning of the mystery and doesn’t give us any incredibly crucial details. It provides us with the epic song “Run Boy Run” by Woodkid and showcases Klaus’ humor through a creative scene at a prosthetic company. It’s entertaining, but not one of the best.

  1. Changes

This episode might rank lower because of Luther’s treatment of Vanya, but ultimately its the catalyst for the apocalypse. This episode highlights the downfall of the family, through Reginald excluding Vanya, Vanya killing many people, and Allison losing her voice. There’s a side plot with Hazel and Cha Cha that’s interesting but not as much as stopping the apocalypse. The episode ends on an interesting note with Vanya embracing her power, but it feels like a filler for the finale.

  1. Number Five

We learn a bit more about Five’s job in the apocalyptic future and learned that he was supposed to kill JFK, but didn’t. We also learn what happened to Klaus, and it’s heartbreaking. This episode has some cute sibling bonding, and provides more answers to some questions, but isn’t a stand out episode in the season.

  1. The Day That Was

Everything with Leonard comes into place and makes it more apparent that the Umbrella Academy needs to pick up the pace. We see Luther at a rave, which is one of the laughs in the series. Klaus ends up in Heaven and meets God, who says she doesn’t like him. That scene is artistically shot and is one of the most referenced from the season.  

  1. The White Violin

The finale is lovely as you get to watch Vanya in her element, as they tie back to her comic form. You watch all the characters unite for one last battle, and are left with questions to (hopefully) answered the next season. Still, it isn’t one of the most jaw-dropping episodes as some of the others but is still good none the less.

  1. I Heard a Rumor

For people that love Allison, you get to see a lot of her this episode. A lot of pieces showing Leonard’s true intentions come into place as Vanya’s powers start to grow. The event ends in a shocking moment when Vanya slits Allison’s throat out of anger. It ends with you wondering if she’s even alive, making it one of the better episodes in the season.

  1. Extra Ordinary

This episode we get to see the whole Umbrella Academy together including an epic fight scene with Hazel and Cha Cha. We get more bonding between Ben and Klaus and watch the family in action. The best moment of the episode is Diego and Grace. With the family considering turning off Grace, we see flashbacks of Diego struggling with a stutter when he was younger. Realizing Grace is starting to malfunction, he tearfully stutters as he turns her off. It’s one that leaves you feeling sad, and it’s one of the most memorable moments in the series.

  1. The Day That Wasn’t

The Day That Wasn’t is one of the most heartbreaking episodes of the series. You get to see what Klaus experienced in Vietnam and watch as characters find out the truth. It includes a wonderfully choreographed dance scene to “Dancing in the Moonlight” by Toploader. You see some bonding between Diego and Klaus and are heartbroken when Klaus considers the love of his life, Dave. Then, Five in his attempt to save the world ends up reversing time and screwing it up for the whole family. Vanya never discovers Leonard is evil on her own time, Klaus doesn’t get to see Dave, and Allison and Luther don’t reconcile. This episode is brilliant and leaves you feeling upset at its outcome.

  1. We Only See Each Other at Weddings and Funerals

Out of all ten episodes, the pilot is the best of them all. This episode sets up the origin of the Umbrella Academy, all of the characters, and leaves many questions unanswered. This episode brings us a favorite fan scene of all the kids dancing to Tiffany’s “I Think We’re Alone Now” once they realize their Dad is gone. It gives us a glimpse of everyone’s ability and brings in a reunion of a missing sibling. There’s tension, jokes, and a compelling story. This episode makes you want to watch more, and it’s why it’s the best.