Playboi Carti: the modern day Mozart

Ranking Playboi Carti’s greatest hits

Playboi Carti has performed at a number of festivals in 2023, including Rolling Loud, and he is anticipated to drop a new record this summer.

Courtesy of Creative Commons

Playboi Carti has performed at a number of festivals in 2023, including Rolling Loud, and he is anticipated to drop a new record this summer.

Playboi Carti is undoubtedly one of the greatest musicians and artists of all time. He has proven this countless times with his discography. His ability to combine metal, punk,  and rap all into one is genre bending in its own. He paved the way for new rage artists like Yeat, Ken Carson, UnoTheActivist, and Destroy Lonely. Carti’s albums all are unique with different sounds, and each of his albums ultimately seem to create a new subgenre of trap everytime he touches the mic. Although riddled with controversy, it is inexcusable to discredit him based on his contributions to music as a whole. His songs are euphoric and beautiful, it is nearly impossible to rank them all and pick top songs. As a near five year fan of Playboi Carti. I am listing my top five favorites and explaining their sound and story. I will list a few honorable mentions down below. But if you are looking for a generational talent and one of goats of music, look no further than Sir Cartier, Carti, Playboi Carti, Cash Carti, King Vamp, Beno, Yung Carti, Broke Boi or just simply… the modern day Mozart.

5. “R.I.P.”

“R.I.P.” is the second track off of Carti’s sophomore album “Die Lit.” The song’s instrumental uses synths and a sampled bell rhythm. With heavy 808 bass lines and trap drums, Carti hums over the vocals rapping about living a rockstar lifestyle, including drugs and having sexual relations with various women. Along with proclaiming “Watch me pull up, take your chain, lil’ b***h,” Carti flaunts his wealth and talks about making a million dollars off being a mumble rapper and buying his mother a large estate off his success. The high energy song is reminiscent of several old metal songs and the punk influence is very apparent. With the song being one of the concluding pieces on Playboi Carti’s sophomore album “Die Lit,” It is clear that this song was a hint at Carti’s next  masterpiece to be released two years later “Whole Lotta Red.” It’s a backdrop that sets the stage for Carti’s next evolution. 

4. “New Choppa” ft. A$AP Rocky

On “New Choppa” Carti recruits long-time friend Rakim Mayers, better known under the sobriquet A$AP ROCKY. The two pair well with Carti bringing high energy to the track and ROCKY demonstrates great lyricism and symbolism in his verse. The song repeats themes of buying a brand new expensive “choppa.” Most notably the term is tied to the firearm of the AK family. Stylized with the AK-47 DRACO. Carti talks about acquiring so much wealth he’s buying a new “choppa” while referencing several drugs and designer brands. Rocky’s verse speaks on his ties of being a Brooklyn Gangster and holding so much power he can bribe the NYPD and manipulate the city of New York and Brooklyn. While bragging about his various talents and mentions a women’s opinion of himself, “Accused of being bougie by a snobby b***h.” The song’s flow combines Atlanta trap and New York hip hop for a unique and mind bending experience. The song has appeal for its snobby upfront lyrics and its nostalgic flow and sound.

3. “Shoota” ft. Lil Uzi Vert

On “Shoota,” Playboi Carti and Lil Uzi Vert have several collaborations yet to be released sitting in a vault of a trilogy of unreleased music. Their chemistry together is unmatched. Uzi starts the intro by singing a verse over a reversed piano sample with a distant high hat tapping. He compares where he was before fame and how everyone made fun of him, comparing being broke in the hoods of Philadelphia and now being rich and driving a Lamborghini supercar. Stating in the intro and buildup to the song “Everybody rock with me because I’m up now/ Took your girl/ and I’ma score like I made the touchdown Swervin’ in that Lambo’, doors go up, not on a bus now.” The beat drops with heavy trap drums and 808s and Carti enters the track. Carti talks about his exorbitant lifestyle and how he feels like a king, while talking about his success and how everyone loves him now that he is a successful musician. The song is a motivational anthem and solidifies the duo of Carti and Uzi as one of the best duo’s to touch the mic. 

2. “Over”

Carti touches on escaping a toxic relationship and moving on, while dealing with addiction and the pitfalls of fake friends and fake relationships. The track uses once again reverb synths with slow 808s and Carti sings like an angel over the beat, rapping, “This love don’t feel how it felt when we started.” While also talking about his ex partner manipulating him, and he finally realizes that it wasn’t him that was the problem the whole time. While talking about his newfound fame and proclaiming himself a king. While finding that his ex girl was fake and was “For the streets.” The song is an emotional rollercoaster and relatable piece of art. Taking nods from Kanye’s 808s and heartbreak sound, along with cues to Frank Ocean and various r&b and emo rap legends, the song is a beautiful melodic tale of love, friendship and heartbreak. 

1. “Rockstar Made”

Carti proves on this track that he is indeed, rockstar made. The opening track to the world changing and genre bending album “Whole Lotta Red” proves that the wait was long worth it. After endless delays and a surprise release on christmas of 2020, Carti dropped one of the greatest albums in all of music, changing the game forever. The intro track “Rockstar Made” sets the tone for the album and is the start to a new era of musical erudition. The song produced by Jonah Abraham and F1LTHY starts with punching bass lines 808 trap drums. A synth piano is heard in the back with a distorted soft electric guitar in the background. Carti talks about his rockstar status and having all the money and woman that he could ever want as a rockstar. Carti raps over the beat and you frequently hear his chains clanging together adding a whole new level of abstruse greatness. Although Carti brings up the ever so prevalent affinity for drugs that comes with being a musician while bragging about his spending habits on drugs and selling on his own controlling the drug trade. He also highlights his street cred and how he is constantly paranoid of people trying to harm him, that even at his large shows with security he still doesn’t feel safe. He also proudly talks about buying an Aston Martin sports car. The song serves as the intro to “Whole Lotta Red” which paved the way for a forever influential album.