vivi rincon releases her new album ‘crash landing’


Courtesy of vivi rincon

“crash landing” artistically explores relationships, their ups and downs, and all of the emotional baggage that comes with them.

Building off of the Jan. 25 ep “overflow”, vivi rincon releases “crash landing,” Feb.22 introducing her new song “the party”. Rincon, originally released her ep “angela” Nov. 9, 2022, featuring three songs, later adding “overflow” to the ep Jan. 25. Rincon is produced by Matt Martin who has worked with artists such as Steve Lacy and Faye Webster. Rincon’s single is heavily centered around her relationships, with love and break-up songs throughout.

The EP opens with her most popular song “if we lived on the moon.” The slow-paced track gives insight on being queer in today’s environment, and the yearning to be yourself publically without the fear of being criminalized for it. The track, originally released in June 2022, left Rincon with a lot of new attention, receiving over 1 million listeners on Spotify and over 13 million views on TikTok. Rincon’s EP dives into queer relationships and her experiences without overcomplicating them. “We’d build a house with no people to judge,” Rincon sings, describing the hurt that comes with having a relationship being judged and picked apart. Not only is “if we lived on the moon” about her journey with her relationship, it’s produced by her girlfriend, Rachel Caridi.

“can’t breathe,” the second track on the EP, exhibits the feeling of being overwhelmed by relationships. Rincon’s poetic lyricism shows glimpses of coming back down to earth after getting swept away by romance. “can’t breathe” is a really beautiful and slow-paced song but some parts, specifically at the beginning, can feel drawn out.

vivi rincon’s, “can’t breathe”

“overflow,” a painstakingly raw song, leads the listener through Rincon’s experience in a relationship. ”overflow” is about craving too much of a relationship, feeling so much to the point of bringing about a painful end. This track gives a melancholy view on feeling overly dependent on her relationship and the anxiousness of losing it because of it. “I’d say I’m in too deep but I’ve never seen these waters,” Rincon sings. The slow-paced lyrics show a self-awareness of being new to a relationship and being more clingy than what might be seen as normal. Similar to “can’t breathe” the song feels more drawn-out without really reaching a pinnacle.

Rincon seamlessly combines punk to her usual genre indie-pop with the song “angela.” The angry break-up song delivers scathing lyrics, “Save your breath and save your tears/ You had to leave me stranded here.” “angela” delivers the rage of watching a past relationship move on. Rincon’s brutally honest and bitter song is about a girl she’d known for only two weeks.

Closing the EP out with “the party,” Rincon demonstrates her retelling the beginning of her relationship. The song describes her second-guessing an interaction at a party. This track describes realistic experiences of having a crush and rethinking every part of it. “the party” flawlessly remembers Rincons experience after a party looping back to the start of her relationship. The rock-twinged track although pleasantly put together the lyrics can be repetitive to listen to without much of a conclusion or peak in the song.

“crash landing” artistically explores relationships, their ups and downs, and all of the emotional baggage that comes with them. The album sticks to a theme throughout each of the songs.

“I really liked how each of the songs go together because they all have sort of the same energy to them,” Sofia Pritchard, sophomore, says. Rincon isn’t a stranger to reflecting on past relationships in her music and the EP really reflects that.