SAT not a valid source for student knowledge

Kara Elizeh

May 31, 2012

It's a rite of passage for many college bound juniors: taking the four-hour long Scholastic Assessment Test, known simply as the S.A.T. Taking the S.A.T. has become a sort of tradition in the process of applying for colleges,...

So…did you make the most of Teacher Appreciation Week?

Chrisann Kim

May 15, 2012

Students say "thank you" to their parents for buying them food, or they can say "thanks" to friends for compliments received. But can—and do—students say "thank you" to their teachers for going through hours and hours of the...

“Green and Gold” earns national recognition.

Camille Collier

May 7, 2012

When a pivotal mistake was made in the publishing of last year's West Linn High School yearbook, the swift efforts to correct it became a nationally recognized success. Last year's Green & Gold yearbook has been credited for...

Ingrid Michaelson’s amazing and down-to-earth concert offered laughter and stunning talent

Claire Baumgardner

May 3, 2012

After a rocky start, including an iffy opening band and half an hour of extensive sound set-up, the hip, young teen audience that mostly makes up her fan demographic were glad to see what they came for; a breathtaking performance...

Pink slime seeps into one of America’s favorite foods

Camille Collier

April 26, 2012

Gooey, pink and sprayed with ammonia gas­­-- these, believe it or not,  are elements that constitute part of a good meal to many Americans. A substance found in 70 percent of beef sold at supermarkets has been termed “lean,...

Thespians participate in successful State competition

Mary Earp

April 26, 2012

Reed Sturtevant and Caroline Hitesman, seniors, placed first and were chosen to showcase their duo musical piece at the State competition for Thespians. According to Jessica Murray, acting teacher, this was a huge accomplishment. "They...

West Linn’s production of “Distracted” promises to be a worthy distraction

Lenaya LeBlanc

April 26, 2012

As we go through the motions of our everyday lives with packed school schedules, sports, extra curricular activities and homework, it is easy for us as students to be caught up and let days go by in a haze. Some may easily be...

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