Yearbook wins All-American award three years in a row


Yearbook has been named All-American for the past three years and are looking to make it four. The All-American Award is the highest honor given by the National Scholastic Press Association in their critique.

“…the concept theme is well thought out and dictated nearly all decision made in regards to photos, design, and body copy,” Michell Fahring, NSPA judge, said.

This “concept theme” is something that the yearbook staff excels at, and as a group, they spend a large amount of time brainstorming the theme for the year, according to Glenn Krake, Yearbook Adviser.

“I don’t think most people realize is how much thought the staff put into the theme,” Krake said. “They use numerous ways to creatively tell stories and take pictures [around the theme] and I think that’s what amazed the judges.”

There are four possible ranks that a yearbook can receive from the NSPA, based on their overall score. The green and gold scored 3,900 and attained all five marks of distinction. This far exceeds the standards which are 3,700 points and four to five marks of distinction.

“It’s nice knowing that all of the hard work that the staff does is recognized. Another thing is that the average student doesn’t always realize all of the connections and nuances that the judges recognized and praised,” Krake, said.

According to Krake, yearbook is something that takes time to learn, but after the first semester of learning the ropes, a staff member becomes infinitely better.

“When I first started, I was overwhelmed,” Caitlin Tompkins, senior, said. “But after one year I have gotten the handle of things and am now an editor.”

There are numerous people who have been on yearbook for three or four years like current co-editors in chief, Hannah Morton, Senior, and Josh Pratt, Senior. Krake says that it’s rewarding to see how they have grown. He hopes that they will continue to exceed and improve every year and looks forward to watching the new students grow.

“It definitely raises the bar, since the pressure is on for the current yearbook staff to keep this old streak running,” Krake, said.