Romney steals lead from Gingrich

In the flux and flow of recent Republican Presidential candidate polls, presidential hopeful Mitt Romney took the lead from Newt Gingrich. According to the Quinnipiac University poll, Romney is surging in Florida with a double-digit lead. Remaining candidates Ron Paul and Rick Santorum fall far behind with 11 percent approval rating each.

A jovial Romney told the Washington Post, “It feels good today — good crowds, enthusiasm…. And you can sense it’s coming our way. It’s getting better and better every day.” The presidential candidate is scheduled to speak today in the Tampa Bay area.

According to a the Public Policy Poll, Newt Gingrinch, Republican Presidential candidate, is a viable lead opponent in the Grand Old Party primary race after winning the South Carolina presidential primary. Gingrich was a steady five points ahead of top opponent, Mitt Romney, at 33 to 38 percent approval rating. Trailing behind the two was Rick Santorum, with a 13 percent approval rating.

Gingrich may be leading in the polls, but his debating Monday night proved unsatisfactory. The audience at the debate was told that cheering for their candidate was prohibited and that silence was key. The silence threw off the candidates debating, especially Gingrich. He attacked Romney saying that his new approach to speaking was to fit as many untruths in a sentence as possible. Most of his air was exhausted attacking Romney and his similarities with Obama. With a quiet crowd, however, Gingrich was thrown off balance. Speaking to Fox News, Gingrich said that “the media doesn’t control free speech,” and that he would “simply not allow” anyone to silence an audience.

The following presidential debate was held at the University of North Florida on Jan. 26 at 8 p.m. Easterm time. It aired on CNN, with an unsilenced crowd. The outcome was closely watched, as it played a large factor to who will stay in the race.

Santorum is falling behind slowly, and according to the PPP, if he were to leave the race, his supporters would surely flock to Gingrich. With a live crowd supporting him, Gingrich took the stage Jan. 26 beside Romney, Santorum and Ron Paul.