Obama, Romney race comes to a close

Why should I care: The presidential race is especially important for young voters as this election weighs heavily on their future. Education is an important debate topic for both candidates as they strive to secure votes from college-age Americans with their differing views on education. Obama is hoping to continue expanding federal support so more people can have a chance to go to college. During his presidency, Obama has implemented the “Pay As You Earn” plan, which would make paying back student loans easier for young adults to pay back the money that the owe based on how much they earn. Obama also wants to continue lowering interest rates on student loans. Romney also wants to change the financial aid system by making it stronger and simpler to use. In addition, for public schools, Romney would introduce a plan that would grade the schools on an A-F scale, which would allow school districts and states to hold underperforming schools responsible for their lack of quality teachers and poor student performances. With over 37 million Americans owing money on their student loans, they will be directly affected on whoever becomes president.

Months of fierce debates, countless political ads and relentless campaigning comes to an end on Tues, Nov. 6 as Americans vote for who should be the next president. The final stage is set for the showdown between the Democratic candidate, President Barack Obama, and his Republican rival, Mitt Romney, former Governor of Massachusetts . They have been locked in a fierce battle of wills since both men accepted their respective party’s nominations to run for office. Now the time has come for America to make its final decision, whether to continue Obama’s presidency for the next term or to have Romney become the 45th president. This election is especially important to young voters as this election weighs heavily on their future as college students.

Obama is hoping for reelection after becoming the first African-American president when he was inaugurated in January 2008. During his four years, Obama has made many changes after taking over for former president George W. Bush. Obama ended “The War on Terror” in Iraq by withdrawing troops from the country. Obama also implemented a health care system known as the Health Care Plan for America, but more commonly known by its nickname, “Obamacare.” The act implements a different statewide health care system that would provide healthcare to every U.S. citizen, rather than have it rely on insurance companies. This year, Obama along with his Vice President Joe Biden, are hoping for another four years in office.

Obama’s opponent, Romney, was the governor for Massachusetts for one term between 2003 and 2007. He is running as the Republican counterpart to Obama after an unsuccessful bid in 2008, when he lost to the Republican nomination to John McCain. Now Romney is back and hoping to finish what he started. Should Romney become president, he hopes to rebuild the crumbling economy by cutting the deficit and adding new job growth.

The race between the two candidates is growing closer as Nov. 6 looms nearer. The race is coming down to the swing states, or the states that have yet to be determined to be voting mainly Democratic or Republican. These key states, known as battleground states, are a huge part of the election as they provide important electoral votes that are free to claim. These states include Ohio, Colorado, Florida, North Carolina and Iowa and these states are where Obama’s and Romney’s efforts lie as the week comes to a close.

As the campaign comes to a dramatic end on Nov. 6, it alls comes down to America to decide who they want in the White House.