Bingham, Mills both subbing at WLHS

Leal Bingham, substitute teacher and wife to Geoff Bingham, will be filling in for Kevin Mills, math teacher. While he fills in for Annikke Olson, Assistant Principal, while she is on maternity leave. He is pursuing an administrative degree and is temporarily a teacher on a special assignment.

Bingham had originally worked at WLHS in 2007-2008 as a teacher and has been subbing here ever since.

While here, Bingham will be teaching Trigonometry, Advanced Algebra B, and Discrete. These are the same classes she taught when she worked here, the only new one being Advanced Algebra B. Bingham hopes to teach math again if she is hired for a permanent job.

This may not be Bingham’s first time subbing, but for Mills, his role as an assistant principal is a whole new experience. He finds certain parts of the job are somewhat difficult.

“You are able to see a whole different side of the school,” said Mills. “It is a very interesting experience.”

“When you are an admin you have to talk to the parents more, and there are a lot more meetings,” Mills said. “When you’re talking to the parents about good news then it is ok, but when you’re talking to them about bad news it can be difficult.”

This may be difficult for Mills, but it is also hard for Bingham. She doesn’t have a permanent job here, but she still does her best to help the students. She lets students come in at lunch to study and ask questions. Mills has been working hard to help keep the school running and parents happy, even though this is his first time as an assistant principal.