Stutznegger leads multitude of students to “do the Harlem Shake”

“Do the Harlem Shake!” heralds the transition, in the hottest new YouTube meme, between a group of people statically standing around and bursting into the eccentric dance of their choice. Preston Stutznegger and Cole Schaffer, seniors, brought this meme to campus, organizing students in front of the main doors during lunch on Feb. 16.

“I think we had 250, 300 students come,” Stutznegger said.

Schaffer introduced the “Harlem Shake” meme to Stutznegger in January and suggested that they create a version of their own. Stutznegger created a Facebook event about a week before Feb. 16 to let students know about the planned video.

“It was Cole’s idea,” Stutznegger said. “I just put it into action.”

Students were told to bring costumes and props, the absurder the better.

“I saw a guy with a sumo costume. That was fun,” Stutznegger said. “There was also a guy with a cow costume and a girl in a bunny suit and a guy in a morph suit.”

Stutznegger is thankful that the video was fairly easy to organize and that teachers and administrators had no problems at all with the video’s production.

“We were running around with a megaphone, and the administrators were amused,” Stutznegger said. “The teachers mainly stood behind us while we were filming and took videos on their cell phones.”

The filming brought many students together, and Stutznegger is glad that he organized it “just to do it; just for fun.” This is the first time he has brought such a meme to West Linn High School, but he does not think he would do such a project again.

“A one-time thing like this is fun and good,” Stutznegger said. “If you try doing it more than once, people don’t get as fired up.”

As of Feb. 22, the YouTube video “Harlem Shake West Linn High School” has upwards of 4,750 views.