Lobby Club to go to Salem to encourage higher education opportunities

The Lobby Club will send 10 students to Salem, Ore. on Thursday, March 7 to participate in Opportunity Day, a rally for Oregon students hosted by the Oregon State treasury.

“I’m excited for students to discover first-hand that they can impact the legislative process,” Todd Jones, social studies teacher, said.

The goal of this rally is to establish the Oregon Student Opportunity Fund, a fund whose goal is to provide low-income students in the state the opportunity to have two years’ worth of post-secondary education.

According to The Opportunity Initiative, the cost of college education in the state of Oregon has risen 50 percent, while per-capita income has only increased by 20 percent. But the fund will create a permanent fund that will be invested to generate income and increase student aid grants in the short-term.

The fund will be supported by bonds; the state treasury will create bonds which will be available for purchase. The entire Act anticipates an issue of $500 million in the next two years and continuing smaller contributions over the next 30 years.

“Students generally think that government is the realm of adults, and I want them to realize that they have powerful voices,” Jones said. “I am inspired when I see students empowered to make a difference in our community, our state, and our world.”

To learn more about the initiative, visit www.buildingoregonsfuture.org. Join the Lobby Club at Salem from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.