Middle schoolers compete in the Broadcom Competition

The WLWV District will be sending 19 middle school students to compete in the first round of the Broadcom Masters Competition.

“This is a very high-level science fair and kids are working on things that might change the world someday,” Amy Schauer, International Science and Engineering Fair coordinator, said.

Held by the Society for Science, middle school students sixth through eighth grade are taking on the challenge to compete in the national competition known as Broadcom, a very difficult science fair that recognizes the talents that students have.The number of middle schoolers are selected by judges at a Broadcom-affiliated fair, and once nominated, they compete. Students advance in the rounds of the competition in Washington D.C. where they can continue with their projects.

There are huge awards for the student that wins in the competition with the best project. If a students’ facts are correct and the project is star, winning is very well an option for these middle schoolers. The students that are competing are, from Athey Creek, Kendra Ogden, Beth Hoots, Vehba Deshiikan, Evelyn Chen, Tasman Flora, Abigail Korting, Dana Lambert, Morgan Mankin; From Wood, Adrianna Prettybird, Corrinne Pagella, Luke Puppo, Kjel Pettenger-Willey and Kyla Wiegand and Jake Barber, Elise Hlady, Kate Walters, Kaity Hardwick and Paige Meyer from Rosemont Ridge.