APUSH Living History Museum Takes Place Wednesday


The commons will be transformed into an American museum of living history on Wednesday, June 5 from 7-9pm. The museum will be based on the World War II era, with activities for all ages. Including a musical skit, a jeopardy trivia-style game and a jazz band that will perform songs from that era. It is projected to be a night full of interactive learning about World War II.


“Our classes want to teach people about the culture that surrounds World War II and what life was on the homefront,” Sara Gowdy, sophomore, said. Gowdy and many of her classmates will be participating in this event, which is being put on by Matt Gottschling, Advanced Placement United States History teacher and his classes.


“I really wanted the students to take charge on this project,” Gottschling said. “This is student led.”


“We just want people to enjoy learning about World War II and how much impact it had on society and not just the people fighting in the war,” Gowdy said. “We want students to enjoy and learn at the same time.”


Sarah Boardman, sophomore, is one of the student directors. “We didn’t have a lot of time to do it so it took a lot of quick decisions making and also a lot of hard work,” Boardman said. “Our goal of this museum is to make it an immersive experience.”