Oregon Bill passed through house to ban minors under 18 from tanning salons

Whether it’s days before prom or once a week in the winter when there is little sun, for minors under 18, visits to the local tanning salon are coming to an end. House Bill 2896 passed the Oregon House on March 7, stating that minors under 18 years will be banned from tanning salons unless they present a doctor’s note. If the bill is signed by Governor John Kitzhaber, Oregon will be the third state in the nation to restrict tanning bed use to minors, following California and Vermont.
A whopping 40 percent of teens in the world between the ages 16-18 go to tanning salons. Representative Julie Parrish, R-37 voted no on the bill, but it was passed 38-18. If this bill is signed, it could very well impact employees of tanning salons, because it will reduce the number of customers.
According to a large number of people on skin cancer websites, such as KVAL.com, Eugene’s local news station, and social media, the high rates of skin cancers will drop drastically if tanning salon use is limited to people.
Ultraviolet radiation is given off in tanning beds and has been known to cause many dangerous forms of skin cancer, such as Melanoma, one of the deadliest forms of cancer.
With summer approaching, perhaps skin cancer will be more of a reality to some, but for now, the final decision to ban minors from tanning beds is all in the hands of Kitzhaber. As of now, Kitzhaber hasn’t made a final decision on whether or not to sign the bill.