Library is spiced up to motivate

Library is spiced up to motivate

Brittany Park

Pride is written on this pillar that is located in the library. Pride is an inspirational word that West Linn Community can draw from and live by.

Library pillars are written with words of wisdom from Ed Gerety, motivational speaker

Self-improvement, kindness and forgiveness are topics that Ed Gerety, motivational speaker, reminded West Linn High School about last school year. A speech he delivered to the school was meant to spark inspiration in students and the message he left led to painting the library pillars with inspirational words because they are located in the center of the school.

They are painted yellow with words of encouragement such as “compassion”, “inspiration”, “integrity” and “pride”. A leader of the school meeting was held last year after Gerety’s speech to discuss which words would be painted on the columns.

“The words on the pillars are there to represent what we are as a school and what we hope to be.” Ellen Ward, ASB president said. “Everyone had a say in what the pillars would say. Teachers, administrators and students all had a say in the leader meeting with Ed Gerety.”

All of these traits are things that go right along with Lion beliefs of having good ethics, respecting your community and supporting each other.

“Integrity, to me, means honoring your word and doing what you say you are going to do,” Gerety said. “Compassion to me is about helping those in need and reminding ourselves that we do not know every ones story.”