Officer Blain McKean offers tips to prevent electronic thefts

In light of  the 11 locker room thefts so far this year, many students worry about keeping their valuables safe. Officer Blain McKean, student resource officer, is determined to keep thefts to a minimum.

“The easiest and most practical step to take is for each student to realize that these phones have a monetary value and to be diligent about locking their things up,” McKean said, “I have advised students not to leave their valuables unsecured.”

As smart phones, IPods, and other electronics grow increasingly predominant, the administration has taken steps to increase security. This includes asking students to register the serial number of their phones with the office, so that if any electronic is taken, the administration has the ability to track it down.  Forms to register electronics serial number can be found with Sheree Little, he reminds students.

According to McKean prevention is key in the fight against locker room theft. Remember to lock up valuables.

“Every one of the missing cell phones was taken from an unlocked locker or unsecured backpack, meaning it was left out and unattended” McKean said.