National Guard visits WLHS with obstacle course, pugil-sticking platform and 50-foot rock wall to encourage fitness


In order to promote the National Guard and physical activity, the NG visited West Linn High School today to provide to provide a day of rock-climbing, pugil-sticking and ball-throwing to students of Wellness classes. The visit was part of an effort to inform students about the NG and its opportunities, as well as to stimulate students to exercise.

“The whole goal here is to get the word out about who we are, what we are, support the local community and definitely promote fitness,” Amy Feltzin, NG career counselor, said. “We’re trying to better our own children and better our own community by promoting health.”

Equipment for the event included a blow-up pugil-sticking podium, where competitors stand upon individual platforms and attempt to knock the other off their stand; an obstacle course through which students climb, slide and leap; a blow-up that caught balls students threw; and finally, a 50-foot rock-climbing wall that was placed by the bus lane curving around the school

WLHS was contacted by the NG in order to coordinate the event.  WLHS is one of the many schools that was selected for this occasion and events alike.

“One of our goals is to correctly integrate within the community, which at the lowest level would be high schools or local cafes and restaurants,” Feltzin said.  “We have to make relationships with the high schools.”

The two most popular attractions were the rock wall and pugil stand, according to Feltzin.  The obstacle course also struck wide approval by students.

“I loved the obstacle course,” John Goetze, senior, said.  Goetze was one of the participants for pugil-sticking, but also observed the matches from the side.  “When you’re on the side, you feel like you’re part of the team because you get to root them on.  You feel part of the action.”

According to Goetze, the NG event was “10,000 times better” than a usual Wellness classroom session.