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Evening of Excellence recognizes honor graduates

Over 140 honor graduates were recognized at the West Linn High School Evening of Excellence on Friday, May 30. Department awards as well as local scholarships were also awarded.

“Every year the kids are just so amazing,” Sandie Yamauchi, who helped to coordinate the event, said. “I hate to compare to other years. Every student and every class is unique.”

The graduates, to qualify as an honor students, participated in 12 hours of community service, took six Advanced Placement classes and earned a weighted 3.6 Grade Point Average.

Honor Grad List

Agcaoili, Jazmine B

Anderson, Ian M

Anderson, Keeley E

Archuleta, Caleb J

Archuleta, Sarah K

Arcot, Nikhil

Baker, Mackenzie K

Balsbough, Briana M

Basak, Priyanka E

Bell Young, Stephanie J

Bennington, Lucas A

Beyer, Leah M

Bodily, Benjamin M

Bootz, Talia L

Bosson, Hunter C

Briggs, Christian D

Broadhurst, Jenna R

Brooke, Jackson R

Casad, Julia K

Chadwick, Abigail S

Chiba, Elise M

Chung, Sarah H

Combs, Natalie P

Comings, Amanda R

Cook, Samuel A

Cooper, Sarah E

Cramer, Jennifer L

Crozier, Paige M

Davis, Tabitha L

DelBene, Danielle M

Douglas, Kelsey T

Eaton, Ellis

Edwards, Kevin M

Gadd, Tiana N

Gardner, Connor R

Ghosh, Iman

Goetze, John M

Goldschmidt, Micaela A

Gray, Colby T

Guerins, Cailin M

Gulati, Arun E

Gulati, Sarita A

Hansen, Lauren E

Harding, Taylor M

Haskin, Morgan L

Hatch, Samantha L

Henderson, Robert G

Henri, Brandt O

Hodgen, Jessica D

Holt, John B

Jackson, Nathan M

Jacobs, Benjamin A

Jain, Jennifer

Johnson, Andrew

Johnson, Ashley J

Johnson, Emily C

Jones, Ashley B

Kalkofen, Alexandra N

Karabeika, Thomas A

King, Leandra M

Kingsborough, Alexander N

Kling, Logan D

Koehler, Emily C

Laughlin, Michaela M

Layoun, Renee M

Lee, Hansol

Lee, Tiffany Y

Marvin, Christian R

Maxwell, Colin J

McCabe, Conor J

McGuire, Colin D

McHenry, Pope E

Meyers, William C

Miller, Logan H

Mills, Madison M

Nelson, Blake A

Nelson, Christopher B

Nguyen, Daniel P

Odaniell, Tai Q

Olson, Callie F

Olson, Riley C

Pitzer, Tabitha M

Prince, Duncan J

Resk, Emma E

Richardson, Mary K

Sato, William J

Schrader, Abigail N

Schroeder, Allison J

Shearmire, Ryan KSmith, Madison J

Spear, Logan S

Steeh, Samantha A

Sullivan, Michael K

Sutton, Caroline E

Thandri, Shruthi A

Tingey, Mitchell C

Topping, James S

Tran, Kim H

Verbiest, Jon T

Verbiest, Luke C

Viteri, Xela A

Vogt, Braden R

Waianuhea, Lorraine K

Wall, Margaret C

Ward, Ellen C

Weierich, Nathan C

Weitman, Bridget A

Westover, Hailey

Whitbey, Kenneth A

Wolfe, Ciara E


2014 WLHS Senior Department Award Recipients

Griffin Ollar– Science Department Award, Environmental Science

Logan Spear– Science Department Award, Overall Science

William Sato– Science Department Award, Chemistry

Abigail Chadwick– Science Department Award, Biology

Tai Odaniell– Science Department Award, Physics

Nathan Weierich – Performing Arts Department Award, Choir

Mary Grace Sleeper – Performing Arts Department Award, Theatre

Mary Richardson & Chad Crader – Performing Arts Department Award, Orchestra

Luke Harju & Sarah Schultz – Performing Arts Department Award, Band

Micaela Goldschmidt– Language Arts Department Award, English

Hunter Bosson– Language Arts Department Award, Writing

Hunter Bosson – Social Studies Department Award, Social Studies

Jeremy Wilhelm – Technology Department Award, Technology

Renee Layoun – Math Department Award, Math

Caroline Sutton – Visual Arts Department Award, 2D Art

Julian Villarreal – Visual Arts Department Award, 3D Art

Micaela Goldschmidt – Visual Arts Department Award, Yearbook

Sarah Archuleta – Visual Arts Department Award, Photography

Connor Christensen – Visual Arts Department Award, Photography

Milo Webster – Visual Arts Department Award, Computer Science

Madeline Groh– Leadership Department Award, Leadership

Michaela Laughlin – World Language Department Award, Spanish

William Sato -World Language Department Award, French

Colin McGuire – World Language Department Award, Japanese

Camden Miles – Student Services Department Award, All Around Student Services

Chris Holmes – Health / P.E. Department Award, Physical Education

Mariah Gatti – Health / P.E. Department Award, Physical Education

Chad Crader– Health / P.E. Department Award, Health

McKenna Clayton– Health / P.E. Department Award, Health

Hayden Coppedge – Athletic Department Award, Outstanding Male Athlete

Briana Balsbough – Athletic Department Award, Outstanding Female Athlete

Geneva Hughes – Athletic Department Award, Sportsmanship

Ellis Eaton -Athletic Department Award, Sportsmanship

Ella Riddle – Counseling Department Award


2014 Scholarship Results

Adam A Clark Memorial Scholarship – Keeley Anderson

Clackamas Community College Opportunity – Stephanie Bell Young

Clackamas Community College Academic Incentive – Shelby Anderson

Clackamas Community College Honors – Colin McGuire

Douglas Bransom Memorial Scholarship – Renee Layoun

George Curts Scholarship – Ian Anderson and Keeley Anderson

John Paul Brown(OSAC) – Colin McGuire, Andrew Johnson, Shianne Olsen-Kacalek,

Luke Harju

Kirk Andrew Spencer Memorial Wrestling/Football Scholarship – Sam Cook

Kyle Curran Memorial Scholarship – Chase Meyers

Legacy Meridian Park Hospital – Sydney Eshbaugh

LO Women’s Club Community Service Scholarship – Abigail Chadwick

Morris Family Theatre Scholarship – Anna Gilmour ($1000)

Morris Family Band Scholarship – Courtney Mumma ($1000)

Music & Arts Partners Scholarship – Nathan Weierich ($750)

Music & Arts Partners Scholarship – Arun Gulati ($750)

Portland Business Forum – Mary Richardson

Sanister Memorial Scholarship – Tai Odaniell

Superintendent’s Scholarship – Kevin Edwards, Mackenzie Baker

TJ Curran Memorial Scholarship – Hudson Kennedy

West Linn Lions Health Care Scholarship – Jake Parker

West Linn Lions Special Needs Scholarship – Tate Hamersly

West Linn Lions Education Scholarship – Ellen Ward & Mackenzie Baker

West Linn Lions Performing Arts Scholarship – Riley Olson

West Linn Lions Community Service Scholarship – Maia Happel-Walvatne

WLHS Boy Athlete Scholarship – Kevin Edwards

WLHS Girl Athlete Scholarship – Ashley Johnson

WLHS Class of 1956 – Thomas Karabeika & Courtney Mumma

WLHS NHS Scholarship – Ian Anderson, Arun Gulati, Renee Layoun, Kim Tran

WL Riverview Lions Club Scholarship – Renee Layoun

WL Rotary Club Scholarship – Mackenzie Baker & Ellen Ward

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Evening of Excellence recognizes honor graduates