Huge freshman class results in shortage of lockers


With 1671 students enrolled in West Linn High School, 471 are freshman, making this freshman class the largest in the history of West Linn High School. As a result, one of the issues has been a shortage of lockers for freshmen. At the start of the school year, 45 students were without lockers, but now the number has been reduced to 17. The administration is asking that upperclassmen who don’t use their lockers release them so the remaining students can be accommodated.

Maya Zachary, freshman, is one of the 17 students without a locker. “It’s horrible. I wish I had a locker to keep all my textbooks in. I go home and my back hurts from carrying around all my books all day,” Zachary said.

The number of freshmen in classrooms has also increased a lot this year. However, Emma Williams, freshman, is not bothered by this. “It doesn’t affect my learning and I don’t really notice it in class.”

Clay and Animation teacher, Wind Lothamer, has a class of 40 students. “There are more distractions obviously. It’s harder to work in a small space especially when you are doing stuff where you need a lot of work space like animation.” Lothamer said. “An advantage to a large class size is having a mix of upperclassman with freshmen so they can set a good example.”

Despite the few challenges WLHS has been faced with from the oversized class, “All administrators, staff and teachers are very excited with this new class and look forward to the journey,” Brenda Freeman, Attendance Secretary said.