Rosemont Outdoor School moves to March

Outdoor School’s new date could be helpful to West Linn High School Students


Outdoor School for the sixth graders of the West Linn-Wilsonville School District is happening sooner than later this year, and that might benefit the juniors and seniors who serve as counselors. Students learn about the environment, animals and ecosystems during the five day program.

“The dates they gave us are actually better,” Lou Bailey, WLHS principal, said. “With so many kids out of school in mid-May, it just makes things difficult. Students who are in AP classes or are involved in sports can’t go to Outdoor School if it is May. This way more students are able to become counselors.”

Outdoor School dates were also changed for money-related reasons. These new camps will save each family $55.

Outdoor School in the past has been in May, but the date has been moved up this year for Athey Creek and Rosemont Ridge Middle Schools. The school district worked with the Education Service District for Outdoor School this year. The dates students will be attending Outdoor School are the dates given to the school district by the ESD.

In the past,  Rosemont students have gone to the Twin Rocks Friends Camp in Rockaway Beach, Ore., but there will be two different camps. They are from March 15 to March 19 at Trickle Creek Outdoor School in Salem, Ore. and the other camp is the Cedar Ridge Outdoor School in Vernonia, Ore. Inza Wood Middle School will be attending the same camps May 11 to May 15.

Athey Creek will be attending camp this year at two locations as well. They are attending Camp Magruder in Rockaway Beach, Ore. and Westwind Outdoor School in Otis, Ore. March 31-April 3.

“I think the students will have a wonderful time,” Debi Briggs-Crispin, Rosemont Ridge principal, said. “Many high school students want to attend and we love having high school counselors from our school district.”

In this new model, students from WLHS who are selected and able to serve as counselors will have the opportunity to do so, without as many school or sports conflicts. WLHS students are eager to attend Outdoor School with less conflicts and the chance to be working with younger students.

“I’m excited to be involved with middle school kids,” Cheyenne Young, junior, said. “It’s going to be nice being a leader and doing a bunch of hands-on stuff outside.”