West Linn students advance in the ISEF competition


Brittany Park

Dylan Martins, junior, explains his project to a visitor. His project was presented during the ISEF competition on Feb. 26.

This year’s International Science and Engineering Fair competition produced 67 State qualifiers from the West Linn-Wilsonville School District. They are progressing to the Northwest Science Expo in Portland, Ore. and a select few will be competing against international ISEF participants in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Amiette Baskerville, senior, participated in ISEF and conducted an experiment about sunscreen and cancer-causing carcinogens.

“A lot of sunscreens out there contain a carcinogenic compound,” Baskerville said. This didn’t make sense to her because the main object of sunscreen is to prevent skin cancer.

In search of an alternate solution, Baskerville noticed how plants can survive UV radiation without any negative effects. She concluded that there must be a substance inside that helps to protect against UV light. Baskerville found out that there is a pigment in red algae that does just that.

“I’ve been working on this project since summer of 2013,” Baskerville said, “it’s a continuation and it’s been a while.”

Other projects were interesting to visitors. The display of projects attracted many people to visit the competition and see the final projects.

“I couldn’t wait and I was excited to come,” Heidi Gross, parent of ISEF participant Rachel Gross, freshman, said. She was impressed by the amount of work put into the projects. “I enjoy the final products,” Gross said.

Many people advanced to the Northwest Science Expo, although only five are observing or participating in the International Science & Engineering Fair in Pittsburgh, Pa. They will be presenting their projects May 10-15, 2015. The list of all participants advancing are below. Those that participate in the Northwest Science Expo have a chance of advancing to the International fair in Pa.


Observers going to Pittsburgh, Pa.:

Ben Sebastian, junior and Daniel Tang, sophomore


Participants competing in the International Science & Engineering Fair in Pittsburgh, Pa.:

Henri Li, senior

Daniel D. Tang, senior

Nicholas Miller, senior


Participants competing in the Northwest Science Expo:

Dominic Ragalie, freshman

Ben Chan, freshman

Calvin McHenry, freshman

Nicholas Olson, freshman

Elise Hlady, freshman

Gabe Armattoe, freshman

Raymond Berry, freshman

Ethan Pierce, freshman

Nick Zimkas, freshman

Evan McKinley, freshman

Grace Converse, freshman

Aileen Converse, freshman

Luukas Lemetyinen, freshman

Mackenzie Weber, freshman

Andrea Swenson, freshman

Evan Watson, freshman

Katie Williams, freshman

Tya Seth, freshman

Katie Jones, sophomore

Ryan Holland, sophomore

Mackenna Koppler, sophomore

Daniel Tang, sophomore

Elizabeth Hoots, sophomore

Riley Knowles, sophomore

Lydia VanWinkle, junior

Krista Wurscher, junior

Tanner Asher, junior

Parker Wright, junior

Anna-Maria Hartner, junior

Kaylene Lim, junior

Kayla Gadd, junior

Ben Sebastian, junior

Talia Lichtenberg, junior

Dylan Martins, junior

Jack Holland, junior

Daniel D. Tang, senior

Nick Miller, senior

Amiette Baskerville, senior

Henry Li, senior

Ellie Jones, senior