WLHS biking challenge influences students to stay fit, enjoy the outdoors and help save the planet


Brittany Park

Frank Craft, freshman, bikes to school every day and has won the biking challenge twice. Teresa Roland, junior, started the WLHS biking challenge to encourage students to enjoy the outdoors, stay active and save the planet. If you are interested in participating in the WLHS Biking Challenge forms can be found in Andy West’s room (E203).

With summer just around the corner many students look forward to spending time outdoors. Not only is Teresa Roland, junior, planning on biking regularly in the summer but she hopes to influence others to do so, by starting up the West Linn High School Biking Challenge.

“I wanted to make biking cool somehow, and since Portland is such a biker city, I thought why not start a challenge where students can earn prizes for biking,” Roland said, “exercise not only has physical benefits, but it also does wonderful works on the mind, it can be a remedy after a hard day at school.”

Roland wants students to understand through the biking challenge that they to can be ‘green’ by biking to school or walking places, or by carpooling.

“Biking is such a low impact activity that even my 73 year-old grandfather can still do it,” Roland said, “It’s a fast way of getting anywhere while still enjoying the outdoor weather.”

WLHS Biking Challenge forms can be found in Andy West’s Room, E203. To participate, simply start biking to and from school and log the hours. To be eligible for prizes, such as biking gear and candy, the next log is due at the end of April.

“I’m not a harcore biker with fancy gear. I bike to school in jeans and get to school sweaty, but I get something out of those 15 minutes it takes me,” Roland said. “I have some sense of accomplishment after going from point A to point B. It’s enjoyable.”