Children’s Cancer Association raises money to help bring joy to children going through treatment


Brittany Park

Jenny Reynolds and Nicole Jackson, sophomores, competed in Children Cancer Association Idol on April 17 to help raise money for children fighting cancer. Through ticket sales CCA made over $15,000 for families affected by cancer.

Sometimes it takes more than medicine to bring health and happiness to children and their families fighting cancer. It takes friendship, courage, joy and music. Volunteers with Children’s Cancer Association has worked hard to bring all of these aspects to children and to share their love of music with them.

“CCA’s goal is to provide joy to the kids,” Jenny Reynolds, sophomore, said, “not to just focus on raising money for medicine.”

Reynolds was one of the two WLHS students to compete in CCA’s most recent event; CCA Idol. CCA Idol was held at the Opus Events agency in Beaverton on April 17. Tickets were $15 at the door and all profits went to CCA. Through ticket sales CCA raised over $15,000.

Reynolds, along with the other competitors from numerous high schools, sang one song in front of an audience and four judges. The judges then critiqued the participants, telling them the strong aspects of their performance, as well as the weak.

“It was a cool experience,” Reynolds said. “I’m usually self conscious while singing but it seemed to disappear.”

Shortly after Reynolds sang “Little Wonders” by Rob Thomas, she was called back to the stage.

“Halfway through another person’s song one of the judges interrupted and asked if he could call someone else back to the stage,” Reynolds said. “When the judge said ‘I would like Jenny Reynolds to come sing again’ I was so surprised.”

Reynolds didn’t have another song prepared to sing so she had to think of one on the spot.

“I sang ‘Cough Syrup’ by Young the Giant,” Reynolds said, “It was definitely interesting to come up with a song to sing right then and there.”

In addition to Reynolds, Nicole Jackson, sophomore, competed in CCA Idol for her second time. Jackson sang “The Scientist” by Coldplay.

“My favorite part of the competition was watching everyone have a great time and knowing that we were raising money for a good cause,” Jackson said.

There were a couple awards given out and Reynolds won the ‘Artistic Flair’ award. Although Jackson didn’t win an award this year she won the ‘Greatest Energy’ award last year.

“It was really cool for kids to have the opportunity to perform in a supportive venue and to have the same goal of helping kids with cancer,” Jackson said.

If you are interested in volunteering in the future through CCA follow the link: