Where are our vending machines?

Replacements are on the way


Wally Milner

Student Street’s vending machines have been replaced with trash cans.

Students have recently noted a strange absence at the school. The hallways have been totally bereft of vending machines. The ever-reliable snack dispensers vanished over the summer.

Hungry students need not fear, however. New machines are on the way.

“The food services are going to take over vending machines this year,” Cristina Castaneda, community relations secretary, said.

The problem is a matter of replacing the old machines.

“We got new vendors,” Mandi Samsel, kitchen lead, said. A “new company” has been contracted to provide vending services, according to Samsel. They will bring “new and improved machines.”

Samsel further notes the new vending machines will be digital, allowing errors to be reported more quickly. The reasoning behind bringing in new services is simple. Samsel wants to make sure there are “zero issues with machines.”    

So why the delay? The new vendors are ordering machines, but they will not arrive for installment for some time.

The snack addicts need not worry. Samsel notes, “We may soon have more machines than we do now.”