Voter registration day


Wally Milner

Students working with the Bus Project, armed with stickers and candy, await eager voters-to-be. From left to right: Zack Huffstutter, senior; Haley Thayer, senior; Skylar Kool, senior.

Today is voter registration day for students. A stand outside of the F-Lab is the site where 17 year olds and 18 year olds can sign up to participate in upcoming elections.

“We’re working with the Bus Project, a local, nonprofit lobbying group,” Skylar Kool, one of the student organizers, said. The Bus Project describes themselves as “grassroots, nonpartisan and all about organizing Oregonians, face-to-face.”

The signup process takes about a minute, and can be finished in between classes. It is accomplished by filling out a quick form. Students don’t often go out of their way to register to vote, so offering the option to them is important, according to Kool.

“It gives people an opportunity because people don’t usually go out and seek [registration offices],” Kool said.

For more information, students can stop by the table or visit

“It’s really really important to have young people having their voices heard nowadays,” Kool said.