Karaoke Fridays make their monthly debut


Brooke McKelvey

Causing the whole crowd to join him in song, Tanner White, senior, sings “Free Fallin’” in memory of Tom Petty. White was just one participant of this month’s karaoke performers.

Starting out as a fun lunch activity, Karaoke Fridays has made itself a tradition. On the first Friday of every month, students and staff alike gather around the senior couches to hear those who signed up sing their hearts out.

“I like it when people go all out,” Ben Carr, senior, said. “Today Ms. LaFerriere had huge hoop earrings on and an entire outfit for her song.”

To kick off the first performance of the year, there were five student karaoke performances and a finale duet composed of Tina LaFerriere and Sean Shevlin, math teachers.

“I really like listening to the different performances and I would love it if more teachers participated,” Carr said.

Although the extravagant singers always stand out, today’s memorable moment was when Tanner White, senior, sang “Free Fallin’” in remembrance of Tom Petty who died earlier this week. Noting the tribute, the whole crowd didn’t hesitate to join in and sing along with White.

Karaoke Fridays are an easy way to participate in a school activity, and it’s easy to sign up. To partake in this monthly tradition, sheets can be found in the library where your name and the title of the song title you are singing is all that is required. If you have a question regarding Karaoke Fridays, see Dr. Erickson in the library.