Ready for a good time

Check out the latest plans for Halloween


Grace Nickas

Decorations are out for Halloween. Students share their plans for Halloween night.

Decorations, costumes and candy are what typically come to mind when one thinks about Halloween. Plans for Halloween, however, vary for each person.

“My gymnastics team always does something fun for Halloween,” Julie Rucker, senior, said. “This year we are having a party thrown by my coaches. In the past we have had costume contests, but we thought it would be more fun to do this.”
Team parties seem to be a popular theme for Halloween plans.

“My rowing team is having a costume contest this year,” Olivia Olmsted, senior, said. “I am dressing up as all of the Avengers combined. I have a shield shirt for Captain America, I have Thor’s hammer, I have a red wig for Black Widow, I have Iron Man socks and I am painting my face green like the Hulk. Whoever has the best costume gets a broken oar and I really want it.”

Even without team events, students are still able to find some fun for Halloween night.

“I am hanging out with my friends tonight,” Arianna Chappell, senior, said. “We are eating, watching movies, and just spending time together. It should be a lot of fun.”

With all the different ways you can celebrate Halloween, students certainly know how to have a fun Halloween.