The mysteries of blocking a scene

Ordinary cast members become close during rehearsal

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  • Let's circle up. Before diving into rehearsal the director of the "Unraveling" has everyone sit down in a circle and they communicated what their day was like with their fellow cast members.

  • Ellie Seward, freshman, who plays one of the narrators, is visually portraying a hanging doll in the opening scene.

  • The hawks eye. The director Anna Crandall watches over her students blocking their scene. Serious thought went into doing this.

  • Coming together. Gwen Seward, junior, and Parrish Noce, sophomore, start to block their scene together. This separate interaction made all the difference when they came back together.

  • Oh, the suffering. Nikki Rudnick, who plays the mother, is feeling true pain, while Vi Edwards read their lines that explained the pain that the mother went through.

  • Everlasting bond. Throughout the stressful day these actresses Rachel Dumas and Ellie Seward share an unbreakable bond. Even the stresses that occurred cannot be broken.

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