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Zoe Barnett

Zoe Barnett, People Editor

The need for a second home was eating at Zoe Barnett, junior, so much that she would take on anything that would make her feel at home. This attitude can cause her to sink into too much at one time. “I feel like it’s just never enough,” Barnett says. “That there’s nothing for me to prove my writing skills to.”

Theatre is a place she can go to on her off days, and no matter what she can find herself on the other side.

But that’s not the only thing that made her feel whole.

“Writing, just like theatre is an escape for me to let all my thoughts run loose on a page,” Barnett said. “When you have ADHD your mind tends to run wild so having things to look forward to like theatre and writing is a good way for focusing and keeping my mind grounded.”

To feel closure and to focus on day to day tasks Barnett needs something that requires focus. “Yes Theatre can do this but I needed more, some way to vent into the void.” said Barnett

She felt torn between the world of theatre and the world of writing.

“I’ve always loved writing for longer than I can remember,” Barnett said.

She has been writing since she was little. At first it just started out writing cute short poems and diary entries, but shortly after the start of elementary school she started writing creatively, and it only started to grow from there; from writing poetry to attempting to write a novel.

Finally she stumbled across the world of journalism. “I’ve always felt the need to help people and with journalism I will have the ability to give people a voice that do not have one to begin with,” Barnett said.

She feels that if we are going at the speed we are now in society the future will not look as bright as we want it to be. “I believe I can really help people and that is why I want to pursue a path in journalism,” said Barnett.

“To take on journalism means to tell people what they don’t want to be told and that is why journalism is a style of writing that I will expose to the world.”

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Birds of Prey is the perfect film to see when dealing with heartbreak, and finding yourself.

Overcoming heartbreak within the DC universe

Zoe Barnett, Co-Opinion editor
March 9, 2020

On Feb. 7, “Birds of Prey” was released into theaters. The movie was centered around Harley Quinn, played by Margot Robbie.  Even though Quinn and the Joker were loved by many, their relationship...

Coping skills are provided in the mental health room for students to access.

A safe place

Zoe Barnett, Co-Opinion Editor
February 20, 2020

One in five teenagers suffer from a mental illness, and according to Teen Mental Health. That's 20% of our population. Teenagers experience a wide variety of mental disorders, ranging from ADHD, to anxiety,...

Animals in Australia are suffering large amounts because of the devastating bushfires.

Going up in flames

Zoe Barnett, People Editor
January 28, 2020

The extreme Australia fires have been spreading for the past three months. These fires are mainly caused by the annual Bushfires that occur in Australia, although the fires normally vary by region. Every...

Youre in class and feel like you really need to Juul,” Michelle Bloom, school nurse, said. So youre not really in class because youre heading out to do that.”

The dangers of Juuling

Zoe Barnett, People Editor
September 23, 2019

On Aug. 6, 2018 the Juul became the most popular e-cigarette in the United States, and now has a market share of 72% as of Sept. 2018.  The Juul product comes in flavors that appeals to kids. According...

“It Chapter Two” seems to be on the outside as the perfect sequel to the first “It” but really is just a drawn out fantasy of killing the unkillable.

‘It Chapter Two’

Zoe Barnett, People Editor
September 17, 2019

On Friday Sept. 6, “It Chapter Two” was released into theaters. The beloved “It” franchise is insensitive to audiences who struggle with the issues talked about.  The scenes I thought could...

Mac McCarty, junior, and Ivy Potter, junior, portray that both genders can get sexually assaulted.

15 myths of sexual assault

Zoe Barnett, People Editor
September 12, 2019

*Content Warning: Sexual Assault*   Dangerous myths of sexual assault are perpetrated throughout society, and these myths affect the survivors of sexual assault when the people around them don’t...

Dont panic

Don’t panic

Zoe Barnett, Mental Health Correspondent
May 28, 2019

There is a high-stress level during finals, and a recent study reported that up to 31% of students primary source of stress is because of finals. While everyone responds to stress differently, panic attacks...

Photo courtesy of West Linn High School

Conceptual Physics can be Phun

Zoe Barnett and Paige Rodriguez
May 17, 2019

When conceptual physics is cut, a decision has to be made about where the students who already forecasted for conceptual physics will go. Not having much time for preparation, students who forecast for...

Freshman girls dance around the may pole in 2018. Photo courtesy of West Linn High School.

Maypole dance to feature first female escort

Zoe Barnett, Mental Health Correspondent
May 3, 2019

May Day has been a tradition at this school since 1929: 90 years of seniors running for may court, freshman prancing around the maypole and students showcasing their talents. The maypole has been a tradition...

I study for the classes that are hardest for me Ivy Potter, sophomore, said. I prioritize.

What is the fear?

Zoe Barnett, Mental Health Correspondent
March 22, 2019

The academic tutoring center is where students can go into the Forum to ask for help with all types of subjects. These tutors include those of the students' peers. In the center you meet from 3:30 till...

Image courtesy of Billie Eilish.

‘Bury a Friend’

Zoe Barnett, Mental Health Correspondent
March 20, 2019

Billie Eilish, a 17-year-old singer-songwriter, was released into stardom from the start, being born and raised in LA and belonging to a family of musicians. Eilish’s new upcoming album “When We...

The Speaking Truth forum, held Feb. 26, allows students to voice their experiences at West Linn High School.

Speaking our truth

Zoe Barnett, Mental Health Correspondent
March 1, 2019

Gigi Schweitzer and Ahna Schaper, juniors, share an embrace.

We’re all in this together

Zoe Barnett, Mental Health Correspondent
February 13, 2019

Editor's note: Wallace Milner is a member of wlhsNOW staff. At 11:15 on Feb. 4, students walked out to voice their opinion on whether or not we should adopt Oregon’s current health standards. This...

What happens behind the curtains?

Zoe Barnett, Staff Reporter
December 28, 2018

On June 12, the musical of the year, "Heathers" was deemed to dark for school audiences, according to Steve Beckingham, the performing arts director. “We went back and, we went, OK now let’s...

Coming together. Gwen Seward, junior, and Parrish Noce, sophomore, start to block their scene together. This separate interaction made all the difference when they came back together.

The mysteries of blocking a scene

Zoe Barnett, Staff Reporter
December 24, 2018

John Gordon, step-dad with Zoe Barnett, staff reporter.


John Gordon, step-dad with Zoe Barnett, staff reporter.

Shining a light

Zoe Barnett, Staff Reporter
November 13, 2018

“Heathers: The Musical” shines a light on suicide and mental health. But some can’t handle the intense talk about those topics, either because of personal experiences or they just don’t feel comfortable...

Reasons why West Linn isn’t ready for a musical like “Heathers” and why it needs to be.

Zoe Barnett, Staff Reporter
October 8, 2018

We are not ready for an intense musical like “Heathers”, and we need to be. In today’s society people are emotional, and the way entertainment portrays the idea of mental illness is less than ideal....

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