Overcoming heartbreak within the DC universe

‘Birds of Prey’ explores the topic of heartbreak and defines what it means to be independent.


Photo curtesy of Forbes

“Birds of Prey” is the perfect film to see when dealing with heartbreak, and finding yourself.

On Feb. 7, “Birds of Prey” was released into theaters. The movie was centered around Harley Quinn, played by Margot Robbie. 

Even though Quinn and the Joker were loved by many, their relationship was extremely toxic.In contrast “Birds of Prey” hits the viewer with a bit of a twist:  the Joker and Quinn broke up.

In the beginning, it shows Quinn pouring easy cheese down her throat, throwing a knife at a poster of Joker and cutting large amounts off of her hair. In other words, she’s depressed 

and angry, naturally as these are a natural stage of a post-breakup even for the psychotic queen herself. 

These little things helped draw the audience in and made you relate to Quinn, because a majority of people have experienced some sort of heartbreak, so to see someone like Quinn experience the basic stages of heartbreak helped to connect with her that much more.

For most people, it takes them longer to get over an ex. According to Women’s Health, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to several years to get over a past relationship. Not for Quinn, or at least it doesn’t seem like it. Quinn is thriving without the Joker constantly looking over her.

Quinn and the Joker tended to mess with people’s lives, so when it was out in the open that the couple was no more, there was quite a target on her back for people that wanted their revenge. Quinn messed with so many people that most of the time she couldn’t even remember some of their names. At this point is when Quinn found herself in the violence, she realized that she doesn’t need someone to hold her up.

Heartbreak is no joke, it can make you feel physically sick and tiresome, and most of the time it keeps you locked inside contained to your bed, because of the constant weight. “Birds of Prey ” helped show that it’s OK to hurt for a while, but it’s important to get back up and fight against the evil.