Staff, students to hold forum addressing marginalization


Philip Chan

A heated conversation on Twitter served as a catalyst for a discussion on school culture to be held Thursday.

Administration has taken action to address marginalization and bullying in an open forum scheduled for Thursday at lunch, according to an email from Annie Kaiser, ASB adviser.

Kaiser, along with administrators, counselors and club advisers, have planned a couple meetings to address concerns and solutions.

The issue sparked after alumni began a conversation via Twitter, originally regarding hometown pride, that quickly incorporated arguments about bigger problems within the community, prompting students and adults alike to chime in.

Many shared their own very vivid and painful stories of being targeted and harassed because of their race, orientation, identity, etc.,” Kaiser wrote in the email.

On the other hand, some members of the community protest these claims, feeling proud of their town and distressed at these claims.

“… or have been surprised to hear that while they find our school culture to be supportive, certain elements of it marginalize some of their peers,” the email continued.

The forum will take place Jan. 31 at lunch in classrooms A104 and 105. It aims to address all concerns equally, and move the dialogue into a place of administrative action.

There will be a follow up public forum on Feb. 20 at 7 p.m. in the auditorium, open to all members of the community. The content and structure of this meeting will be influenced by the meeting on Thursday.