School dances evolving for “century of pride”

School dances are considered a quintessential high school experience, and are conforming to new trends as the years go on. This year, the Associated Student Body (ASB), is taking old traditions and revamping them to motivate the student body to show their school spirit. An example of these changes is demonstrated in the Fall Fling, which found a new tradition for West Linn’s Century Celebration year. 

The Fall Fling has been a tradition for two years, but it is already evolving into something new. As was announced via the Live Roar, the Fall Fling is now the Black and White Bash. But what was the reason behind this change?                                   

“We were noticing that a lot of people weren’t necessarily buying into the Fall Fling,” Averi Fels, senior, said. Fels is the ASB president, and played a key part in planning the Black and White Bash. “We wanted to step it up, especially since it’s our century year, and make it a little more classy, a little more formal.” 

“You should expect a great time, and a place to bring all your friends. You can bring a date, you can bring a group of friends,” Fels said, before the Black and White Bash. “Expect a place to have a good time, dress up, and enjoy the music.”  

The next dance on the calendar is Homecoming. Homecoming has the tradition of taking place immediately after the Homecoming football game and students wear whatever they wore to the football game to the dance. In contrast, Winter Ball is more traditional. It provides an opportunity to dress up and go to the Melody Ballroom, and to enjoy an elegant evening with friends.  

“It’s the 100th year of West Linn High School, which means everything has to be extra special to represent our history and how we have changed,” Calais Radcliffe, senior, said. “That’s what our century year is all about, how we are celebrating our progress as a school and as a community.”