Mayoral candidate William Relyea takes first steps into election season


Eden Pepos

One of the multiple ballot drop off locations, located out front of the city hall. The mayoral election is slated to take place May 16.

In the 2023 race for mayor, William Relyea is facing interim mayor, Rory Bialostosky. Relyea is a current city councilor, who has resided in the city for over 22 years and has been on city council for the last four and a half years. In December of 2022, his term would normally have ended. However, due to some election anomalies he was asked to remain in his position until the prior election results could be sorted out and new council members were sworn in. He currently is running for mayor, against interim mayor Bialostosky, a West Linn High School alumn who previously served on the city council at the same time as Relyea.

“I think the mayor’s role here in the city is to help set the agenda,” Relyea said. “In working in unison and in collaboration with the city, we have the ability to discuss the issues that we feel are most pressing. On behalf of the community and legislate legislative wise, in order to assist us and acquire the most resources possible to help us with all of our infrastructure needs and our quality of life issues, I believe that my background has given me the experiences and the skill set needed to understand all those complex issues and help develop strategic plans.”

Relyea has previously led his neighborhood association for the past ten years along with being the planners commissioner for two years. He also has been transportation commissioner and worked with Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) on a number of projects.

“I’ve been involved with the city as far as livability issues and land use issues since I moved here,” Relyea said. “The city over the years has gone through a lot of struggles with land use planning, land use issues, livability issues, and having good dialogue with its community members through neighborhood associations. I felt that my negotiation, contract management mediation skills would add to the council’s ability to communicate, committee members.”

An issue of concern for the city is the tolling being put on the I-205 bridge which brings up unease about traffic in the city neighborhoods. A solution Relyea supports is the Senate Bill SB 933.

“[Senate Bill SB 933] places toll booths at the Glen Jackson bridge and at the Columbia River Crossing bridge and what that does is it alleviates all the local diversion traffic,” Relyea said. “That is such a huge part of the issues that Oregon City and West Linn are facing if they put toll booths locally.”

On May 16, 2023, the city will hold election day in order to determine who is the next mayor.

“I hope everyone will be supportive of me as I seek to become mayor,” Relyea said.